Trainee nurses the car for artificial respiration vomiting old man employed by hospitals

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to rescue the old man on a bus shiyan & other; The most beautiful nurse & throughout; Are hired

hubei daily) (reporter Dai Wenhui, correspondent fang yuan, Lu Gujiang) an old man on the bus lies in a coma, while a trainee nurses on his knees, do artificial respiration for constantly vomiting old man & hellip; & hellip; 12, shiyan & other; The most beautiful nurse & throughout; LingPingBei shiyan city people’s hospital.

LingPing this year 22 years old, is the hubei medical college of medicine college students, this year 6 month internship in shiyan city people’s hospital. On August 15, LingPing bus to go to work, on a 77 – year – old woman sudden serious illness coma. Ten minutes, waiting for the ambulance, she kneel ground, for the old man do cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration. The old man continued vomiting, during LingPing effort to rescue them. Old man ultimately no rescue come over, but LingPing ACTS of kindness touched all, shiyan people called her a & other; The most beautiful nurse & throughout; .

12, the people’s hospital of shiyan moral lecture hall, LingPingBei please report to the story. The court announced, hire her for contract nurses.

& other; Save people when I don’t think so much. Heal the wounded and rescue the dying is a professional instincts, I want to strive for the opportunity of survival to the elderly! Throughout the &; LingPing said.

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