Try heating began to run water leaking can dial 12345

yesterday, wangjing huajiadi heating plant, the staff in the boiler room inspection. The Beijing news reporter Hou Shaoqing taken

yesterday, wangjing huajiadi heating plant, personnel working on the computer ignition heating boiler, start heating in the city. The Beijing news reporter Hou Shaoqing taken

xicheng, haidian, shijingshan, tongzhou district residents can also dial 96069; Add three temporary heat source for the first time guarantee heating in low temperature zone

began yesterday, Beijing will be more than 1500 heating unit ignition test run. The reporter understands from city ChengGuanWei, heating during commissioning, citizens if it is found that the heat is not hot or PaoMaoDiLou problems, you can dial 12345 hotline to reflect. City ChengGuanWei relevant controller introduces, such as heating enterprise refuses to rectification, according to the plot deducting the subsidies.

new heating area of about 30 million square meters

since yesterday, the Beijing 1500 heating unit starts running, bubbling hot water will flow into the thousands. According to statistics, Beijing during the heating period of 2017-2018 new heating area of about 30 million square meters, the total heating area of 840 million square meters.

clean energy heating rate increase to more than 97% this year, 9% more than last year. In addition to pinggu, yanqing district, has been basically realize residents without central heating boiler coal. This means that Beijing winter gas demand is also hit a new high. Relevant controller introduces, winter in Beijing is expected to use natural gas 12.1 billion cubic meters, an increase of 1.4 billion than the same period last year. At present, the city gas group has signed a treaty with petrochina to buy gas, to ensure that the use of natural gas this winter.

try heating and heating formally have why to distinguish? City ChengGuanWei heating Hu Di explanation, deputy director of the office 15 try heating is to ensure that residents heating on the first day at room temperature. During commissioning, heating enterprises can preheat heating pipelines and equipment in advance, convenient and timely discover and solve the problem of heating heating units.

in addition, various heating unit is to be submitted within the scope of the services of the public, the door service card and inform the service 24 hours service telephone, convenient public service in a timely manner. Hu Di said if citizen home run water leakage, etc., can be directly dial telephone service district heating unit repair service to solve quickly.

Hu Di, said during the trial operation, will follow up the whole city various heating unit DianHuoLv daily, and supervision and heating early last year 81 per sq m of measured higher home heating unit. She explained, according to the analysis, formal heating on the first day of measured is higher, most of reasons for test failure to solve the heating problems during heating. This year will be during the heating test to focus on higher measured unit.

high heating unit number will be questioning

yesterday, Beijing thermal group customer service center, deputy director of what is already, in addition to merge into more than 400, haidian district, and the lower heating unit hotline, this year, the thermal group hotline 96069 again into xicheng, daxing, yanqing and tongzhou district. That is to say, the six district residents heating problems, all can dial 96069. The operator through the platform directly send single thermal group, improve efficiency.

this means that the heating season this year, the public can through various channels feedback heating problems or complaints. Not only can call 12345 service telephone hotline and district heating unit, the six regional non thermal users can directly dial 96069 also feedback.

Hu Di introduction, reflects the problems will be heated by the Beijing city administrative service management platform to various heating unit, district urban management committee (municipal ShiRongWei) will focus on supervisory citizens reflect no ignition heating unit commissioning.

in addition, during the heating period of this commissioning residents complaints, measured high heating unit will conduct interviews. Is still remains in the rectification after questioning, through the media exposure. Hu Di is introduced, the residents complaints telephone will be used as heating unit evaluation, based on the problems of buck-passing, delay treatment, poor service attitude of the heating unit, will also be based on the plot to deduct subsidies.

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stoker labor button lit four boilers

yesterday morning, busy huajiadi heating plant. In between the control of heating plants, stoker press a button, fire 4 boilers in turn. On the screen, simulation of the flame is burning, preparation of four large increasing gas hot water in the boiler.

two hours later, the boiler temperature climb from 20 ℃ to 63 ℃. Relevant controller introduces, citizen home heating will gradually becomes hot, now out there may be hot to the touch, may be more a little hot in the afternoon.

according to introducing, to the surrounding huajiadi heating plant 2.62 million square meters of heating, the regional coverage of wangjing west park, a city known language as well as four area of more than 20000 residents.

the relevant controller introduces, try after heating, heating plant worker will be manned 24 hours a day, at any time to adjust the water temperature, to ensure that the formal after heating, residents in the home at room temperature.

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low temperature district heating how to guarantee this year?

set three temporary emergency heat source, focused on the usual heating in low temperature area

as in previous years, low temperature area is often the complaints & other; Worst-hit areas throughout the &; . Yesterday, the reporter understands, to cope with the extreme weather that may occur, this winter guarantee at room temperature, increased three temporary emergency heat source for the first time distribution in shijingshan datang power plant. Takai has retired, loose yu & a thermal heat source plant.

Hu Di explanation, temporary heat source can be mobile, the mobile heating device can temporary balance heat supply gap. In extreme cold weather, the moving heat source can effectively supplement the heat energy, Beijing network satisfies the requirement of heating room temperature.

, for example, there are times when outdoor temperature is low, in order to keep the room temperature, you need to additional heat source in heating network. According to introducing, these temporary heat source will be completed by the end of December and can be used according to need.

several heat sources also focused on the more usual heating in low temperature area, able to solve the problem in low temperature.

Hu Di explain, for example, loose yu claims is higher in normal. At the same time, the shijingshan district heating is not stable, spare heat source can be eased.

in addition, the old pipe network transformation will also increase the low temperature district heating temperature.

Hu Di introduction, after the old residential area owing to the bad effect of external thermal insulation and pipe network of old heating ability is limited, the low temperature condition. This year has been completed 112 network of older communities, heating quality improvement. At the same time, require heating unit heating services focused on the low temperature zone temperature, often come to debug and solve problems.

the reporter understands, after years of reform, the low temperature phenomenon has eased. Beijing thermal group customer service center, deputy director of what is already introduced, the low temperature zone, the heating season 10 last year, reduce more than 30 last year than ever before. At the same time, after the heating season, the existing phenomenon of low temperature area, can solve the problem of low room temperature of about 27300 households.

s remind

use pay treasure to pay cost can be returned to the micro letter before the end of the year now

July and September this year, Beijing thermal group gradually opened alipay and micro letter pay cost, realizing a complete coverage of the current commonly used payment methods. The reporter understands, in the year to December 31st, alipay and WeChat users by online cash back payment will also enjoy the discount.

in addition, & other; Handheld thermal & throughout; The APP also can realize the online repair service and other services.

according to the statistics, alipay, WeChat and handheld thermal charge for opening the APP after collecting function, a total of about 130000 users pay cost about $230 million through the above ways.

Beijing news reporter believe she

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