Two sessions | Pan Biling: domestic big health enterprise development opportunities


the CPPCC national committee, DPP hunan provincial party committee, vice chairman, deputy head of department of environmental protection in hunan province Pan Biling

our correspondent Mr Zhu

in the big, health China is rising again as a national strategy, at the same time, environment, health is becoming more and more attention by Chinese. In hunan province in 2017, for example, let us from promoting thermal power, cement, nonferrous metal, steel and other key industries enterprise pollution, promote hunan province & other; A number of key projects & throughout; Deep development, completes the work of soil pollution prevention and other aspects, laid the atmospheric environment, water and soil, these three governance campaign. In water environmental governance, we not only grasp the management of the dongting lake, also promote the xiangjiang river of hunan province to protect & other; A number of key projects & throughout; To & other; Throughout four water & a lake; & ndash; & ndash; Dongting lake, the xiangjiang river, zi river, ruanjiang, lishui river extends in the aspect of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, promote the thermal power, cement, nonferrous metal, steel and other key industries enterprise pollution control.

how can, from hunan, you can see the rest of the country government in the above aspects of the related management work than previous efforts are increased, and the preliminary effect has been gradually revealed. But, at the same time, also want to admit that, in the governance environment in China, safeguard the people’s health and life, and there is a certain gap between the people’s anticipation, so you also need our related department to continue to work hard.

at the same time, the aging society in our country level, residents and health are in urgent need of correction, environmental awareness, health consciousness and health behavior needs to be strengthened. In our five key areas of hunan, also being shut down some polluting enterprises, is the so-called & other; Eliminates & throughout; , this means that the domestic health industry will usher in a certain development opportunities. Because of the development of health industry can not only improve people’s health and quality of life, and can make large elderly population expanding domestic demand and promote the development of a new engine. Of course we want to see that this development opportunity and the attention of national level and policy support are inseparable.

on the other hand, our country has a long cultural tradition of Chinese medicine, pay attention to & other Medicine edible & throughout; , pay attention to prevention and cure, raise cures. The so-called & other; Medicine edible & throughout; , it means that the health industry, including quality farm products will go a long way, such as structural reform in agricultural supply side, hunan is not food production, but many, so now we’re related local and centralized industrial advantage is to provide high quality agricultural products.

before we visit to Hong Kong, for example, found that the local organic vegetables eight times more expensive than generally the price of vegetables. Our visit to the United States, found that the local organic vegetables differ with average the price of vegetables is six times; We have such as hunan, yuan longping hybrid rice, from seed to production can be completed independently. And because some countries in southeast Asia now, first of all, the level of economic development is relatively developed countries is not high, and second, their labor costs are relatively low. So our big health related enterprise can completely & other Go out & throughout; Development. And related health agricultural companies can output seeds, technology, etc., can also borrow & other; Throughout area & all the way; Spring breeze, go abroad to grow food and organic vegetables, can also make large-scale farms. After Thai rice, for example, it may not thais are produced, but produced by the Chinese. On the other hand, it also beneficial in food safety, because if there is volatility in the domestic market, also can to domestic output, meet the domestic market.

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