Vietnam guy seriously ill multinational doctor 80 days coming back to life thanks to nanning

a leap li multinational love treat

a 19-year-old Vietnam youth sudden illness, the way to nanning doctor 80 days finally coming back to life

s your correspondent LingJian evan/figure

& other; Pain, exotic distress, Vietnamese guy in China; The world there is love, come back to life, the doctor medical skill is high. Throughout the &; This is the riverside hospital of guangxi a patients’ families has a paragraph of text in the circle of friends. What’s the story behind this? Yesterday, the reporter saw the beginning in the riverside hospital in-patient department of guangxi lad RuanTingYu mentioned Vietnam.

basic rehabilitation RuanTingYu and grandpa happy to play in his hospital room & other; OK” Gesture taken our correspondent LingJian Iraq

basic rehabilitation RuanTingYu and grandpa happy to play in his hospital room & other; OK” Gesture taken our correspondent LingJian Iraq

RuanTingYu is a handsome young man, saw a reporter, he can use just learn one Chinese word to express his feelings & ndash; & ndash; & other; Thank you, China; Thank you, nanning. Throughout the &; The hospital to understand the Vietnamese worker xi-ai Yang for journalists served for the translation.

a change local hospital told & other; May not have saved & throughout;

things from this year on August 16. Vietnam RuanTingYu college students this year 19 years old, just graduated from college, a company in Vietnam practice when he fell from a height, immediately into a coma, family will be sent to the hospital, Vietnam was diagnosed with & other; Diffuse axonal injury & throughout; . Local hospital told family members: & other; Only 10% of the treatment, the child may not be saved. Throughout the &;

the sudden changes, let a RuanTingYu when you are sad. As a result of the Vietnam local medical level is limited, RuanTingYu relatives want to transfer him to China treatment. & other; A preacher, I came to China with children, came to the riverside hospital of guangxi, began a multinational doctor. Throughout the &; RuanTingYu grandpa said.

RuanTingYu, director of the guangxi riverside hospital neurosurgery resident RanJiang the doctor say, diffuse axonal injury is a kind of brain trauma, disease with poor prognosis and high mortality. RanJiang doctor clearly remember, on September 8, RuanTingYu was first admitted to hospital, in a coma, and at the same time accompanied by high fever, difficulty breathing, the symptom such as seizures, tracheostomy tube, stomach tube, urine tube. Through inspection, RuanTingYu skull fracture, frequent parenchymal hemorrhage, secondary epilepsy, accompanied by the symptom such as pneumonia.

a cure more than 80 days treatment finally recovery

time is life. Doctor symptomatic treatment, take nerve nutrition, protect brain cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, RuanTingYu condition stable and improving slowly. In mid-october, hovered between life in the two months of RuanTingYu slowly opened his eyes, consciousness gradually clear.

guangxi neurosurgeon shen QuJieShao waterfront hospital, many patients with diffuse axonal injury in a coma for a long time, some patients even wake up, also lost most of the movement function, the life cannot provide for oneself. Due to head injury, RuanTingYu after wake up, slow, slow speed, we intensified the efforts on rehabilitation hospital.

slowly, RuanTingYu can shook hands, can eat, can sit up, smile more and more families face. In early November, RuanTingYu finally can walk slowly down in the family. & other; Nurse sisters, except for patient rounds often to ward to chat with me, although the language, but all through the mobile phone translation function, to guide me three meals a day diet, rest and activity, is their meticulous care to let I took to the road back quickly. Throughout the &;

after continuous treatment, now RuanTingYu clear consciousness, able to speak fluently, limb function gradually returned to normal, can also walk slowly on its own. & other; We are more than 80 day’s efforts were not in vain. Throughout the &; RanJiang introduction, after hospital discharge, RuanTingYu exercise at home can, through careful action and function of language practice and so on, the body will function better recovery.

from nanning after it is beautiful but also to thank you for a

to exile in treatment of more than 80 days, RuanTingYu is more and more like nanning. & other; Although three meals a day are dining in a hospital, but nanning meal very to my liking, in nanning, I most like to eat chicken, bread, etc. Throughout the &; RuanTingYu said, December 5, he can be discharged home, return to want to study network knowledge, I hope have a chance to come back to nanning.

during hospitalization, RuanTingYu ward with other family members and carers of patients have become good friends, such as the good friend brought him to go to the host city, convention and exhibition center. In RuanTingYu & other; Beg & throughout; , xi-ai Yang also when he in good health, take him to the bayhood’s house to eat a meal, it also makes RuanTingYu ecstatic.

& other; Chinese people often say that the kindness, the child’s body recovered, now we also want to use what way to express our thanks. Because of the help of grace, we never forget. Throughout the &; RuanTingYu for grandpa in nanning meet the great love, heart filled with gratitude, say to emotional eye moist. & other; Is the doctor has cured my disease, I from the heart grateful, thank you from nanning. Nanning is very beautiful, food is also very good, if possible, I also want to find a nanning girl do girlfriend. Throughout the &; RuanTingYu said with a smile.

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