Want to sneeze, don’t endure Inhibition of sneezing could be life-threatening

recently, French health magazine “TOPSANTE” report by a British study, this study suggests that inhibition of sneeze may damage the throat or ear, severe cases will have life risk. DetailPic

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the leicester city, doctor of a rare disease patients. The 30-year-old man felt immediately after the inhibition of sneezing throat feel cramps, and associated with severe pain and difficulty swallowing. The doctor discovered that his neck swelling. This patient be inserted a catheter, the treatment, a week later he was able to go home. The leicester royal infirmary doctors said, inhibit sneezing is should avoid the risk of action. Keep sneezing this stress damage the throat of the soft tissue.

the expert points out, inhibition of laryngeal tissue after sneezing tear is still a freak accident, but should not be ignored. Inhibition of sneezing may harm the throat and ears. The worst case, this kind of behavior and may lead to brain aneurysm rupture (abnormal cerebral arterial wall expansion), lead to life-threatening. These studies were published in the British medical journal cases report (BMJ).

however, during the winter flu season, before sneezing or want to take some preventive measures. The doctor remind people when they cough, sneeze, should cover mouth and nose, prevent the spread of germs. (internship compilation: party water spin review: Wang Lilan)

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