War on gene editing techniques to genetic diseases Clinical trials or start next year

journal of science and technology Beijing on December 11 (reporter liu xia) according to the MIT technology review magazine reported recently, biotechnology company CRISPR gene editing techniques, the biggest selling point is its & other; Transformation & throughout; As a kind of precise gene therapy to deal with difficult problems. One editor called gene therapy company (CRISPR Therapeuics) has said that they plan on man test this idea, is ready now.

the start-up company announcement said, they have submit the application to eu regulators, hope CRISPR technology is used to evaluate & beta; The Mediterranean anemia patients blood cells genetically modified to cure the disease. If approved, the clinical trial will start next year.

in 2013, scientists first confirmed that can use CRISPR technology, the genetic code of living cells to the human body & other; Cut and paste & throughout; And, more importantly, the CRISPR technology of genetic modification can high-throughput manner, and simple operation, low cost. Since then, as the technology & other; Super & throughout; The potential of gene therapy wide recognition. Shortly thereafter, the so-called CRISPR startup & other; The big three & throughout; , that is, Swiss gene editing treatment company, Zhang Feng co-founded Editas pharmaceutical companies (Editas Medicine) and treatment Intellia company (Intellia Therapeutics), set up and listed. It is worth mentioning that near the 3 companies are all based in Massachusetts institute of technology.

these companies although initially founded not product, but the unlimited potential of gene editing technology has attracted numerous investors. Moreover, they have focus. Editas pharmaceutical company focused on eye diseases, blood diseases, including chimeric antigen receptors (CARTs) T cells, T cells, etc.; Company focused on the body Intellia treatment (e.g., hepatitis b virus) and in vitro therapy (such as blood stem cell transplantation); Edit and gene therapy company focuses on blindness, congenital heart disease and cystic fibrosis.

in just two or three years, these companies will quickly CRISPR technology out of the lab, working in clinical trials that goal, but ran into problems. Editas pharmaceutical companies used to be a leader, might have been expected to be the first to try gene editing technology companies in the living body, announced earlier this year, will have to test delayed until next year to an eye disease; Intellia treatment company is also in monkeys collect data, for the drugs CRISPR performance, it is very important.

editor marks

come on, a even try to overtake each other in cut-throat competition is about to begin. Tube from which door which you send to the whole “in the market to make achievements, the only good startup. Investors pumped into real money, waiting for it is the potential genetic scissors to reap great wealth for them. And want to money, have to serious effect on people is the absolute principle. The road from laboratory to clinical trials often long, can go through this section of the road within a few years start clinical trials, the company efficiency is high. Watched by chanting of gene editing technology will really to patients, the in the mind also really a little excited.

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