Warm heart! In response to the flu peak, children’s hospital of retired old experts actively to extend the time of visit

since the winter of 2017, the zhuhai flu last, especially since last December, the number of flu cases in children rise sharply, especially in kindergarten and elementary school second grade, flu epidemic rise quickly.

Beijing children’s hospital as a national children’s medical center, Beijing is one of the most reliable medical institutions and parents across the country. In response to the peak of outpatient service, let more children treated quickly, not only employed the doctor here particularly busy, a group of retired old experts also take the initiative to increase the number of visits, extended the accepts it. They said modestly,

we will only see the doctor.

but it is the simple & other See a doctor & throughout; To reassure a lot of parents heart.

people hospital

bao-yu Chen

thirty percent of children is not necessary to children’s hospital

6 PM on Thursday, has been busy for a whole day in the clinic of bao-yu Chen carry their little rice bag out of the outpatient service building. On this day, she visits at half past seven in the morning, until 6 PM, & other; Too tired to do not want to speak. Throughout the &; Take a small meal, she was ready to go to a hospital worker dining room. Also work in Beijing children’s hospital waiting for her daughter was the employee dining room for dinner, and then my daughter drive with mom go home together. & other; Our mother and daughter both work in a children’s hospital, two people also is the most hard work in this big family. Throughout the &;

bao-yu Chen

flu peak coming after Chen Dafu although very busy, but very adapt. & other; To be honest, I work in a children’s hospital for 40 years, has been very busy. Throughout the &; Chen Dafu, said to her clinic to see children with flu, about thirty percent is not to need to made a special trip to the children’s hospital to see a doctor, they can completely to see a doctor. & other; Have a 5 year old children, today a fever of 39 degrees by their parents with a day to run 4 hospitals. Throughout the &; Chen Dafu said, in fact, the child is the most common flu this year, the first hospital in 4 hospitals we accepts ability, but parents with children a day run 4 hospitals, not only for adults and children suffer more. & other; In fact, every hospital diagnosis and treatment process is the same as the regular flu, treatments are basically the same, disease rehabilitation has a process, need to wait. Throughout the &;

now, bao-yu Chen insisted that the four days a week of outpatient service, also don’t feel pain, especially the patient is not too much at noon, she would have lunch with three other university classmates, & other; They sa also come to visit after retirement. Throughout the &; Every day the & other; Schoolmate and girlfriends & throughout; Time together, also can let the whole morning’s hard. After lunch, the four sisters respectively to different clinic, and to meet in the afternoon of children and parents.

Song Shuyuan

73 – year – old experts consciously fight & other; Dealers throughout the &;

& other; To open mouth, & lsquo; O & rsquo; 1, a look at the throat. Throughout the &; Yesterday morning, a 73 – year – old retired doctor of medical director Song Shuyuan sitting in the hospital 3 layers of 8 office, start & other; Like strung & throughout; As well as accepts. First child is a child of a cold, Song Dafu lifted the flashlight, with a spatula, like to see his throat for 30 seconds to end the process. But just 3 years old children also are less likely to be cooperate, mom and dad just beside & other O & throughout; & other; O & throughout; As a demonstration to the child.

yet & other; O & throughout; In clinic, the busy day in & other; O & throughout; In the sound begins. Song Shuyuan is Beijing children’s hospital & other; The old man & throughout; : in 1970, she graduated from the capital university of medical sciences are assigned to the Beijing children’s hospital, & other; The group of a total of 30 students, we sit in a car came to the hospital. Throughout the &; The children’s hospital, for more than forty years; Here, Song Dafu learned not only excellent medical skill, also harvested the family, her spouse also work in Beijing children’s hospital, & other; He and I sat a bus to Beijing children’s hospital, now work in neurology. Throughout the &;

Song Shuyuan

now, two years after the age of old experts insist on the outpatient service, Song Dafu visits four times a week, therefore, his wife complained of the noise, always make her less out of the clinic. Last year since December, the children with flu increased significantly, many of the children for a long time high fever is not retreated, children’s hospital outpatient pressure surge. According to the plan, Song Dafu daily outpatient time lasts from 7:00 a.m. to 3 p.m., but the flu peak, in order to let more patients in a timely manner after disease, the 73 – year – old Song Dafu prolong the working time to 6 PM, & other; Night came home, I found himself in the leg is swollen. Throughout the &;

old, somewhat basis of disease. Every time Song Dafu lumbar disc, visits, sit in the clinic to see a doctor more than one hour, there will be a nurse came in, gently remind her, & other; The song teacher, your waist is bad, standing breaks. Throughout the &; The flu, plus working intensity big, last Thursday, Song Shuyuan home watching the outpatient service, find themselves & other; Throughout the effects &; . Just Friday Saturday she rest, & other; I at home to take medicine, take medicine from morning till night. Throughout the &; On Sunday morning, Song Shuyuan appeared in the clinic again, & other; A into the door of the office, I will feel sick are all well! Throughout the &;

make flu during this period, children’s hospital MenZhenLiang increase a lot. More than ten days ago, to a more than 30 years old lady, tell Song Dafu, & other; My home child before ill find you look good, you help me to add a number. Throughout the &; Song Dafu has very tired, but allow for parents is not easy, give her added a number, but until the evening the & other Parents & throughout; Don’t take their children to see a doctor; Two days before the & other; Parents & throughout; Again, say to want to add a number to younger sister’s children. Song Dafu think nothing, also gave her a plus sign, but wait until the evening, or didn’t see the & other; Parents & throughout; ; The next day, the & other; Parents & throughout; Again to a plus sign, Song Dafu suddenly understand, & other; This number may be dealer! Throughout the &; Then, she said very seriously: & other; Are you a parent? Throughout the &; The man said nothing, turned and ran away. Song Dafu spouse in neurology department visits, but also one is hard to find. & other; His wife only for visit children plus with medical records, the dealers do a fake medical record should imitate handwriting, his wife at a glance to see out, Shouting, dealers, & lsquo; Shall I take you to the police station? & rsquo; Throughout the &;

here, Song Dafu laughed, & other; Our old couple also active against traffickers. Throughout the &;

xi-pei zhang

I pair of screened critically ill children & other; Eagle eye & throughout;

& other; Most of the day sees the 307 children! Throughout the &; In Beijing children’s hospital, xi-pei zhang is famously energetic retired experts. Xi-pei zhang, a 63 – year – old retired visits four days a week, & other; A bit busy this period of time hospital, children’s hospital was less male doctors, physical strength is better, I will visit time dynamic adjustment to visit six days a week. Throughout the &;

a 60 s doctor, is how to insist on a week visits a day, six days in the face of hundreds of children? Xi-pei zhang is one of the secret of the outside of work time is mainly used to rest, & other; Every night I will just rest more than 7 points, in order to get up at 4 am the next day. Throughout the &;

xi-pei zhang

5 am Beijing scenery xi-pei zhang most familiar, & other; Leave home early, no traffic jam on the road. Throughout the &; After half past five to go to the hospital, he would break at the office, less than seven points, he will appear on the second floor office, & other; I’ll be high-risk disease characteristics, according to the recent period of time children get computer inside the template, which can improve the efficiency when accepts. Throughout the &; 7 o ‘clock, the outpatient service station system begins to work, xi-pei zhang also started the day’s work. In December last year’s flu peak coming after xi-pei zhang will see time to 6 PM, & other; In fact, I more than 5 o ‘clock in the morning go to work, to do some tired after 5 PM, but see day time registered the children were standing in line, must insist on a period of time. Throughout the &;

xi-pei zhang used to work in the emergency department and intensive department for many years, this let him practice & other Eagle eye & throughout; , it can rapidly among a group of common disease, frequently-occurring disease of children recognize the need to be focus of critically ill patients, at the same time identify although it is not heavy, but children need to professional clinics. & other; In fact, most children don’t need to Beijing children’s hospital to see a doctor, the common cold fever in grassroots medical institutions can treatment. Throughout the &; Xi-pei zhang said, some basic disease of flu patients is his focus, such as kidney disease, lung disease, or has a history of febrile convulsion of children, after suffering from the flu, possible condition will be more heavy, both parents and doctors should be concerned.

in addition, the flu virus is likely to infringe myocardial, if the child is pale, lethargy, weakness, shortness of breath, pulse quickened, and so on, also want to go to hospital in time.

why children are more likely to suffer from flu? null

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