“Wechat business” sell pills half year fundraising must, 19 the defendant sentenced to fake drugs production and sales

in recent years, & other; Derivative & throughout; Rapid development momentum, mobile phone micro letter & other; Circle of friends & throughout; Are filled with a variety of derivative products. Under the temptation of high returns, more and more people into this emerging industry, soon became a few criminals tools of illegal interests. Recently, the shandong jining intermediate court make final judgment on 19 defendants, in production, the sale fake sin LuHuan was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment thirteen years, RMB 3 million fine; To produce counterfeit crimes Deng Hewu was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment 11 years, RMB 500000 fine; Ma Jiayi was sentenced to prison for selling counterfeit drugs crimes for eleven years, fine of 2.6 million yuan. 16 other defendants were sentenced to a year to six years of fixed-term imprisonment, ranging between $300000 and $20000 fine.

taking diet pills physical discomfort, after testing shows that contains contraband

in early March 2016, the citizens of jining wang in micro letter & other; Circle of friends & throughout; See friends KanLiGong at selling a new kind of weight loss products, she spent 2400 yuan to buy 10 boxes, wechat business also want to do business to earn money. In line with the sales of psychological, do a conscience wang first try to take the capsule reducing weight, only to let her dizzy almost into the hospital, concerned with a weight loss capsules, she to jining high-tech zone public security bureau. Attaches great importance to, after the public security organ shall report immediately to the weight loss products inspection, experience, the weight loss capsules containing countries banned in domestic production and sales of sibutramine, was identified as counterfeit drugs.

on May 13, 2016, jining high-tech zone public security bureau for the alleged production and selling of poisonous and harmful food case investigation. After check, found that the case involves much more province, around the police work together to have arrested and detained by criminal of the 19 major criminal suspects.

19 per capita as accomplices to confessed. One of the main suspects in the case LuHuan justice when only 23 years old, but it is through her overall arrangement, fake drugs from manufacturing to sales organized formed a scale the interests of the chain.

to prosecutors in the questioning, LuHuan showed great regret. As she had with agent Ma Jiayi micro letter chat said: & other; One day the boat turned over, my sin than you weigh too much. Throughout the &; Knowingly breaks the law he is doing, but once see the benefits, the hand was too difficult.

dissatisfaction derivative small profit, create so-called & other; Brand & throughout;

according to LuHuan confession, in 2015, she had a monopoly of some brand pills WeChat do agent, then this kind of medicine reducing weight shortage of sales again, she withdrew group is no longer the agent of the brand product. This home she began to study how to fine can & other; Make a lot of money & throughout; , as do derivative has accumulated some experience and contacts to LuHuan sensitive to smell the derivative huge business opportunities that exist in the sales, but she is not content to earn price difference among the meager profit, so she had a bold vision & ndash; & ndash; The decision to sell under its own brand name.

due to the derivative agent before doing diet pills, LuHuan understands the product market demand of the general, and there are many ready-made at hand customer, so she decided to start from the familiar weight loss products. Since October 2015, LuHuan fabricating manufacturer, imitation agent pills before the appearance, look for person to design packaging, instructions from the Internet, send through Internet connection HongWei guangdong manufacturers engaged in printing and packaging business, he is responsible for product packaging. After LuHuan from online contact Deng Hewu people are buying a lot of weight loss capsules, and asking them directly to weight loss capsules to HongWei.

Deng Hewu found countrymen help with powder capsule filling processing and production, to achieve the effect that reduce weight, the added although have effect reducing weight but has obvious harm to human body health of contraband sibutramine. But on the other side, HongWei printed good product packaging, instructions and other items, bought on the net bottle, will receive capsule reducing weight of bottling, packaging, a counterfeit drugs formed a complete assembly line production.

weight loss capsules produced, then let it enter the market quickly. Heard LuHuan suddenly became & other; Founder of the brand & throughout; , Ma Jiayi offered to do & other; Director & throughout; Level agents to help expand the market. Because this kind of weight loss capsules from production’s stunt, and new green lose weight declared absolutely harmless without side effects, so products just entering the market, welcomed the sales start, and Ma Jiayi join, is to let the brand popular soon & other; Derivative & throughout; Circle. Many customers want to rely on drugs to lose weight easily believe that these and other Wechat business & throughout; Advertising, at that time into a large number of orders.

logoff crazy development, half year fundraising amount to do

according to LuHuan metasomatism, began a few small achievement does not let her be smug, she thinks her & other; Business & throughout; Just begun, need more channels and ways to sell their weight loss capsules. In order to expand the brand influence, increase sales at the same time, she followed her before wechat business management mode, set up multiple WeChat group of offline nationwide recruitment agents, and by bank transfer, WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay the remittance to settle payment for goods. In order to guarantee profits and sales, in LuHuan WeChat agent group has established the hierarchical rules and regulations, according to different with cargo, the agent can be divided into & other; Director & throughout; & other; Premium & throughout; & other; Level 1 & throughout; & other; The secondary & throughout; & other; Level 3 & throughout; & other; Special & throughout; Six levels, each level of the agent prices are different, but the retail price of weight loss capsule take the national unified pricing. As a result, its development by offline, live a rich life.

at the same time, Ma Jiayi as & other; Director & throughout; Level agents, to build the micro letter group began to frantically development offline, soon, & other; Ma Jiayi team & throughout; Became a weight loss capsules sales force in the layers of woven team rolled off the production line, forming a vast network all over the country. With drug sales growth, more and more customers to the agent is reflected in after eating the capsules a dry mouth, insomnia, gastric acid, dizziness, constipation, and a variety of body discomfort symptoms, moreover directly was sent to the hospital. As the top LuHuan waiting some panic, but in order to benefit, they did not stop at this point. LuHuan along with a few & other; Director & throughout; Level agents begun to appear in large-scale & other; Rumours & throughout; , in the case of knowing that there is something wrong with the product, on the one hand, privately with refund to calm of a small group of customers in severe cases, on the one hand, some of the Chinese native medicine ingredient and trumpeted their products can cause dry mouth this kind of phenomenon, for low level agent in ask to whether the product has a national drug testing and other relevant certificates, she has been dealt with in consistent response, and insisted that weight loss capsule is food grade drugs, don’t have to put on record in WeChat sales directly.

LuHuan know out fire, if you don’t hurry to adjust things will be off sooner or later. During this time she did two things, the first is privately to discuss found Ma Jiayi do slimming drugs to sell fruit juice, fruit juice and what do is to follow & other; Medicine & throughout; Distance. But Ma Jiayi didn’t realize in the outside doubts & other; The storm & throughout; Is coming soon. The second thing is to query Deng Hewu why more and more big, the side effects of weight loss capsules, “she said & other; There is now a female teachers ate vomit a day, went to the hospital, the doctor said potassium deficiency because of medicine reducing weight, this is impending, will lose money. Throughout the &; Deng Hewu asked will this batch of goods, returned to the manufacturer that give him the bulk capsules. But at the time of 900000 grains weight loss capsules have all sold out.

thought this question the storm will soon be able to in the past, I didn’t expect a wave of open something new, Ma Jiayi team offline business KanLiGong wechat business has attracted the attention of Ms. Wang, eventually experiencing discomfort after wang personally try drugs and select the report, things get caught. And in this short half a year time, LuHuan Ma Jiayi and others by developing downlines, selling counterfeit drugs has the nearly ten million yuan.

a small weight loss capsules, involving the behind from production to sales of 19 suspects. In May 2016, jining high-tech zone’s procuratorate in accordance with the law of production and distribution of counterfeit drugs are suspected of crimes of criminal suspects approval of arrest. The high-tech zone’s procuratorate prosecuted, the same year on October 16, jining high-tech zone court LuHuan etc. 19 of the defendant to production, the sale fake sin made the first-instance judgment, LuHuan, Deng Hewu, Ma Jiayi four the defendant was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years each, 15 other defendants were sentenced to a year to seven years. After first instance verdict, LuHuan and others in court refuses to appeal against the verdict.

on January 15, 2017, economic kauniainen intermediate court hearing, the LuHuan 19 people, such as production, sales, chaoyang in accordance with the law to make a final decision, reduce some of the fine punishment and the principal punishments of individual an accessory, lasted the rest of the first-instance judgment. The spread to a wide range, for many, very bad influence fraud case counterfeits eventually come to an end.

Zhu Xinqing jining high-tech zone’s procuratorate prosecutors said, to undertake the case behind the case, people see is a sharp business mind young woman in the inducements of money fell into the whirlwind of greed eventually with the walls of his life behind bars. In wechat business activities, we should take honestly as this, don’t move any wrongly-directed mind, otherwise it may be on a path to illegal crime. At the same time as the average consumer, should improve the ability of identify the valid of the products on the market, don’t listen to the words of others; Once appear loss, more should learn to take legal weapon to defend their own legal rights and interests.

(formerly called “& other wechat business & throughout; produced medicine reducing weight to accumulate tens of shandong jining, production, sales of counterfeit drugs are 19 defendants all sentence”)

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