What happened? Guy by two Fried chicken wings “send” into the intensive care unit

editor’s note: on February 18, abdominal pain in zhejiang province xiao li, a few hours later was taken to a local hospital, confirmed by CT for acute pancreatitis, secondary to acute kidney injury.

a: xiao li, some critical confirmed by CT examination for acute pancreatitis, secondary to acute kidney injury, oliguria, high potassium. And hyperkalemia may directly lead to cardiac arrest, pujiang local hospital immediately suggest to provincial capital hospital.


a: xiao li was sent to zhejiang province people’s hospital emergency center, through a series of effective measures, the current condition improved markedly, finally can transfer from the intensive care unit general wards.

a: xiao li said he had two Fried chicken wings before the onset of abdominal pain, but why it leads two Fried chicken wings so dangerous disease? For xiao li’s don’t understand, the doctor said: & other; Should be the accumulation of pathogenic factors, chicken wings or overwhelm the health the last straw! Throughout the &;

the doctor understand history and analysis of various after inspection report, relevant indicators that xiao li usually don’t pay attention to diet, high blood fat, in the New Year’s day, he let go eat, pathogenic factors in quietly accumulated, chicken wings or pressure across his health the last straw, so the risk of pancreatitis.

in zhejiang province people’s hospital emergency center, deputy director of the chief physician Zhang Meiji introduction, acute pancreatitis is a variety of causes pancreatic enzymes in the pancreas are activated after pancreatic tissue caused by their own digestion, edema, hemorrhage and necrosis of inflammation. Clinical with acute abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever and blood for features such as pancreatic enzyme increased. The lesion degree, light person is given priority to with pancreatic edema, clinical rare, the prognosis is good. Often secondary to a small number of the person that weigh the pancreas, hemorrhage and necrosis infection, peritonitis and shock, etc., high case fatality rate, known as severe acute pancreatitis. Clinical pathological type often divides into the acute pancreatitis edema and hemorrhage necrosis type two kinds.

heavy drinking and binge eating is a common cause of acute pancreatitis.

during the Spring Festival, some people can’t help but eat, drink, food plus all kinds of high fat high-protein, pancreas nature.

when one under the condition of heavy drinking and overeating, promoting of the pancreatic enzyme secretion, causing pancreatic duct pressure rise abruptly, cause the pancreas bubble burst, pancreatic enzyme into the gland bubble between the stroma and contributed to acute pancreatitis. And high-protein high-fat foods and alcohol intake at the same time, not only the pancreatic enzyme secretion to increase, and also can cause high lipoprotein hematic disease. When the pancreatic lipase decomposition triglyceride release free fatty acids and damage to the pancreas.

Zhang Meiji reminds, the lunar New Year holiday is coming to an end, whether it is eating, drinking and life work and rest, moderation, especially the basic diseases such as heart cerebrovascular disease, so as not to hurt the body.

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