What is the difference between children with anxiety?

Dissociative anxiety is a child’s ability to protect himself during his growth. Therefore, we mentioned that we should not be too nervous or anxious to separate anxiety. So how to do children with separation anxiety?

Separation of anxiety performance

1, revolt phase – howling cry, kicking again;

2, the disappointment stage – still crying, intermittent, noisy action to reduce, ignoring others, dull expression;

3, detached phase – to take care of outsiders, begin normal activities, such as eating, playing toys, but sad when seeing the mother.

Each child has different levels of anxiety

After 24 months, the frequency and degree of separation anxiety usually decrease gradually with age, but each child’s personality is not the same, cheerful children can resolve anxiety more quickly, cry to calm down the mood; However, introverted children, the anxiety often tend to be more serious, duration is longer, the mother needs more care to take care of. Children need time to adapt to unfamiliar things, moms need to spend more time with their children, or give familiar toys to make him feel safe, confident, and then encourage him to explore, etc., which will reduce the degree of separation of anxiety children.

What kind of child separation anxiety more intense

1, sensitive children. Some children are more concerned about environmental changes, and sometimes subtle changes may cause their strong reactions.

2, over-concerned children. Children’s life, if you have always been accompanied by people around, and to help him and people are very careful to understand the needs of children every moment, in time to help him solve all problems, then he will not know , What to do if not close to you.

How to treat children’s separation anxiety

1, reduce parent-child attachment strength

Because children use their parents as a safe haven and everything depends on their parents, this separation anxiety occurs when their parents leave. Therefore, lowering the degree of parent-child attachment is the first thing to consider. In life should be properly let go, let the children do what they can do, make it feel a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they can be done independently, they are OK.

2, there should be a period of separation buffer

When parents need to be separated from their children, there should be a buffer period that allows the transfer of roles between parents and successors, while giving confidence to the successor and, on the other hand, giving the successor a sense of your parenting attitude and attitude. If the successor can cooperate fully, it can reduce the anxiety and maladaptation in the face of separated children.

3, develop children’s ability to gregarh

As children play at home, parents should encourage their children to share their toys with other children in order to develop the child’s ability to get along with others. The child into kindergarten or kindergarten, you can get along with other children, reduce or avoid the occurrence of separation anxiety.