What kind of gender education we need?

terrified sex education child? (eastern IC/chart)

(in this paper, starting from November 23, 2017 southern weekend)

in 2010, the south Korean government more sexual criminal record information website, let the people in need can login website, search your neighborhood sexual criminal record the related information. Schools can find more information within a radius of 1 km of sexual assault offenders, strengthen prevention.

all happened across the Taiwan straits in the former period and gender education related to shame. Is a well-known professor Yang, zhejiang university, in the emotional blank, be deceived by a female doctor in 78 emotions, not only pay a hard earned money, suspected of help in the process of thesis, finally also in two lost people, money, lost their precious lives. The other is that young writer Lin Yi disturb Taiwan society including loss of life. Lin through the novels of the room, the first love paradise “, describe a cram school teacher, how to make use of the teacher authority, for seduction, rape, sexual abuse of minors female students.

these two things cause social public opinion is widely discussed respectively with the editor. The parties (such as professor Yang) why let yourself in deep jeopardy, cheated for many years and don’t even know it? Republic after the writer was sexually assaulted, and failing to report is put forward, in the first time to have lost the punishment Wolf division, people can not help but ask: what is our society is too conservative, or the lack of gender education education attainment? The shame how to prevent and avoid to repeat over and over again.

sex education course at the university of

to this end, many domestic and foreign university, will be open & other; Sex education & throughout; Related, curriculum is different from the general stress is given priority to with professional knowledge and literacy & other Intellectual & throughout; Sex education classes, mostly belong to the part of life education emphasizes combined with students’ life experience, to arouse & other; Feeling and idea & throughout; The experience and learning. Most courses pay special attention to the interaction between teachers and students, review on the current social widespread & other; Gender myths and prejudice & throughout; , and through continuous discussion of gender differences in physiological and psychological development, gender role socialization process, the relationship of family school and social culture in the workplace and the derivative of the related issues, even through & other; Simulation date & throughout; Experience activities such as, out of the virtual world, to encourage students to face the real straight in real life.

through these courses, students examine the sensitivity of the individual gender experience and relationship, to strengthen students’ ability to analyze the social gender issues, issues of gender inequality in education system of perspective, to raise gender awareness, get along with study of gay and straight, and then establish the idea of gender equality and specification.

a lot of teachers in teaching process, some indirect care ever suffered sexual harassment, sexual assault victims of students. Both male and female students, in recent years, when going through the unfortunate adult still occasionally appear similar & other; Post-traumatic syndrome & throughout; (PTSD), some of them suffered from chronic insomnia, cower, mental tension and a lack of confidence. For their own misfortunes, besides it is difficult to calm in a short time, the most to their unresolved grief, actually is the most close family and friends around, mostly understand only to persuade them to forget & other; Throughout the incident &; , think that as long as the positive way, to encourage victims, can let them as soon as possible from sexual violence such as nightmare. Especially in relatives and friends shining & other; Is your bad luck, forget the thing, stand up again, tomorrow will be better & throughout; The so-called positive encouragement, the victim was instead to another is not the same and acceptance of the abyss. Pain as a result, they never really get released, more no one willing to stand in their point of view to understand & other Some pain, never in the past, the wound will heal, but the scar will always stay there throughout the &; The kind of pain.

according to the true story of the famous film & other; Anger throughout wild flowers & flame; Child of (Rage), a young father long-term abuse of the little girl, a lifetime can’t get rid of the violence against the shadow of childhood, often in the subconscious through & other; Murder relatives and cruelty to animals throughout the &; To vent heart inexplicable hatred and anger. Adoptive parents adopted until being served as members of the clergy, trace the childhood sexual abuse problem, the source of the suicide victims of sexual violence prevention and control of the help of a therapist, girl’s pain and anger finally get his family back in the same way, acceptance and recognition, the little girl only gradually on possible road back & ndash; & ndash; Although it is a distant and long history.

multiple & other; Rape myths & throughout;

happen the young republic of Taiwan female writer suicide, also causes many positive and negative comments. According to statistics, Taiwan encounter victims of sexual assault and sexual violence, mainly concentrated in the adolescent girls between twelve to eighteen, and for many years reporting rate is very low, sometimes even less than ten percent. Is Lin Yi contain about death, through the room, first love paradise “of the novel full of tears from the victim, accused the society as a whole the fierce and objectives, the hypocrisy of social wealth and status, the myth of adult world for highly educated, parents undefended of acquaintances, or even to cram school anonymous Wolf division of blind worship of entrance & hellip; & hellip; The structure of an accomplice, causing suffering girl recourse for miserable condition.

the author in the confession before interview, says the & other; Camp is the slaughter of the largest in human history. But I want to say: no, the slaughter of the largest in the history of mankind is the room and thought form of violence throughout the &; Such as vocal words. Camp, after all, is the product of world war, unfortunately, has a larger trial operation, to punish and rehabilitate the fairness and justice. Sexual assault is every day in but unfortunate affair happened in every corner of human society, its nature and the process is endless praise and killing of individual personality. But the victims due to lack of appeal pipeline, case search difficulties, as well as the social causes of the second damage, such as pressure of public opinion, swallowed their anger forever. In contrast, the offenders often go unpunished, and then feed pulp know taste.

Taiwan professor roda Chen once said: the sex offender, not only guilty in itself, is a group of sick. If you can’t face up to in a domestic violence, early prevention, abuse will continue in the society. As for victims, another prominent psychologist Dr Chen Jiaomei also mentioned that many people will criticize the victim, think unfortunately met sexual abuse, is disorderly behaviour, dress too revealing, do not pay attention to your safety, accident occurs. But most of the time, is not a personal alert can be avoided, especially in sex between family, relatives and acquaintances, small-scale operations.

many scholars have pointed out & other; Rape myths & throughout; Mostly for women victims of prejudice and discrimination. Generally can be divided into four categories, respectively is: the violent delusion theory (violence never happened), violence and harmless theory (it will not cause damage) violence and violent desire (women want to be rape), and blame the victim (to blame) women themselves.

the first myth, most doubt deny even claim that the violence against women experience, especially in the offender is meet the person, we tend to doubt is opposite. This kind of myth, not just ignore the violence of acquaintances, or even negative date rape and the possibility of marital rape, and no female victim wounded experience, let many of the victims in the proof and the search, the judicial process, suffered all kinds of 2 degrees of damage.

the second myth, advocating violence only on both sides of the sexual behavior, as long as it is sexually experienced women, any sexual experience is not obvious damage. Such myths totally despise women in sexual and body autonomy has been violated, personality, dignity, life and safety of all aspects, such as by the deadly threats and other ill-treatment.

the third myth is alluding to most women have to be violent desire. Resistance to death and so on, it is such a common mistake. In particular, there is another women like the myth of sexual violence, women will be materialized, rationalization of human violence and dating violence.

the fourth kind of myth, emphasize only & other; Bad girl will be violence. Good girl won’t & throughout; , blaming the victim himself or have bad behaviour. That overlooked the sexual violence, the offender to blame the victim to further weaken the structure of sexual violence cause and effect, causes the victim did not dare to come out to seek social support and judicial disposal.

in addition, you can also find the following myths exist: 1. The sexual violence most of the inflicter has mental illness, or life stress, to alleviate pressure through sexual violence; 2. Sexual violence should not be openly discussed, and so on.

some victims of sexual violence, however, also wanted to bring charges. Lin Yi containing 2014 women tried to an aid foundation consulting a lawyer, a lawsuit to the offender, the lawyer has said: time is too too long, evidence is difficult to search. Recourse for victims, declare to give up.

no matter China and foreign countries, because of the sexual assault event of difficulty, plus suffer objects may be young or panic factors such as excessive, let the inflicter can not timely access to restrain and punish. Shall be investigated for reasons, mainly: loose law is a hotbed of crime. Put eyes in South Korea, a crippling crime, our laws do not enough.

the experience of the south Korean

South Korea in the face of the high incidence of sexual abuse especially & other; Child sexual abuse & throughout; , developed a series of stringent legislation. Such as: in 2008, began to compulsive sexual criminal record, wearing the electronic monitor, mobile location and, by the Seoul city protection observations master whereabouts at any time. If the child sex or sexual crimes under the age of 13 times more than 2 times, criminals even released, will wear on the foot electronic monitor. In 2010 the south Korean government to set up more criminal record information website, let the people in need can login website, search your neighborhood sexual criminal record the related information. Schools can find more information within a radius of 1 km of sexual assault offenders, strengthen prevention. Some village management center, and even through the mail to inform the community, new residents move into sexual criminal record and so on.

we have to reflect on: the parents and schools have right to teach children how to protect his own body? Without timely guide them how to seek help in suffered damage? The public in the face of sexual assault victims should be with the attitude of empathy? How to avoid the victim put forward & other; Forget him, everything will be all throughout the past &; , put yourself in acceptance of the victim’s pain, pain to express, can be in the same way?

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