Whether cell phone radiation causes cancer? The national toxicology program has begun to special research

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journal of science and technology Beijing feb 6 (Reuters) on cell phone use and cancer and other diseases? Scientists have long debated. To clarify the fact that the United States food and drug administration (FDA) for the national toxicology program (NTP) at the national institutes of health, launched a special research. Recently, the NTP issued two related research, as part of the $25 million project.

in the last two years of study, rats and mice run free in the specialty of reverberation chamber, the whole body is similar to cell phones emit non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, radiation levels from as low as 1.5 w/kg, to high to 10 watts/kg, exposure is limited to 2 g and 3 g frequency, which is currently still is widely used in voice communication and texting band.

(NTP), a senior scientist John & middot; Butcher said, from the beginning of the experimental animal pregnancy, over 9 hours a day, for two consecutive years is exposed to the environment, most of this kind of situation is not the actual circumstances of the use of mobile phones, and other But it does allow us to find biological effects & throughout; .

the study, the strongest finding is that male rats around nerve in the heart of the connective tissue, there is the risk of tumor is malignant schwannoma. Lymphoma, prostate and skin cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and brain cancer risk also increased accordingly, but the risk is lower, and outside radiation cannot be ruled out. At the same time, the researchers observed the rats exposed to the environment and the relationship of cancer health, including a newborn cub weight loss, DNA damage evidence and heart disease, etc., of course, is not clear whether these unhealthy performance caused by radiation.

the university of Albany, New York state public health doctor David & middot; Carpenter, said the new findings are very important, he warns of the risks of mobile phones, and other I think this is the first clear evidence that shows that this kind of radio frequency (rf) field increases the risk of various cancers & throughout; . He thinks, if more experimental animals, and radiation exposure and the relationship between rodent diseases could reach statistical significance. Leadership at Colorado state university school of public health, scientific research team of Jonathan & middot; Sand meetall, agreed that cell phone radiation is a possible carcinogen.

but the FDA jeffery, director of the center for devices and radiological health & middot; ShuRen said in a statement, the found that does not mean that America will tighten regulations on cell phone radiation, combined with previous studies, & other; The present mobile phone radiation TVC in protecting the public health is acceptable & throughout; .

(the original title whether cell phone radiation is bad for your health still to be answered, the national toxicology program has begun to special research)

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