Whether to add should be child abuse sin? Criminal law experts: the child abuse has been into the punishment

recently, ctrip escrow qinzi field teachers play video on the Internet, video display, teachers in addition to beat the child, is stronger to feed its suspected mustard. This is for the welfare of the employees became violent and parent-child garden has become many children and parents sadly.

& other; ‘s care for the elderly, and people to that of our children and young people. Throughout the &; Early Confucian classics in China mentioned in the book of mencius, raising education their children also don’t forget to take care of other people’s children in this way, become the model of our country treats people since ancient times. However, & other; Child abuse & throughout; Virtually every once in a while there is media exposure.

it should add & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; , the legal daily reporter recently interviewed the relevant experts. Behavior of child abuse, many netizens and parents cannot tolerate that, think that the person to abuse people of punishment, & other; Too light & throughout; . Also have lawyers called for, should be added in the criminal law in our country independent & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; , which is different from & other; Abuse & throughout; Thus aggravating punishment.

add & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; Calls for a high

it is understood that in February last year, ctrip open & other; Parent-child garden & throughout; For this unit staff child custody, and employ the third party educational organization management. Then there are parents post said on the Internet, on November 1, himself the son of two one full year of life through applying to the nursery, November 3, the evening was found there is injury behind the ears. Communicate with the teacher didn’t get reply, through internal relations, after trying the monitor to see the video of preschool education of child abuse.

parents shocked to find that the video shows, during the period of the children in the kindergarten, basically be intimidated, beaten, imprisoned in monitoring blind area, and mustard, and in the process of spray cleaners.

video exposure, involved has been detained by criminal of female teachers, but parents’ anger has not subsided, netizens are blasted pot.

& other; The teacher when the teacher, even not to be, must be punished severely. Throughout the &;

& other; If who dare treat my child, I break my neck to also want to let him pay the price of blood. Throughout the &;

& other; Why is child abuse, the fundamental problem is that the punishment is too light, they never happened. Throughout the &;

& other; Abroad for children move finger is a felony, for these people should be held him a decade, eight years to look at the others dare child abuse? Throughout the &;

& hellip; & hellip;

netizens speech one-sidedness, think that should not be light penalty involved personnel, should be applied to the most stringent laws.

according to an online survey, 95.6% of netizens support added in the criminal law & the other; Child abuse sin & throughout; To punish way to deter and punish perpetrators.

& other; Prevention of cruelty to children’s laws and regulations in China, including the constitution, the criminal law, compulsory education law, minors protection law, the criminal law amendment (nine) has made some modification on abuse sin, but did not set up a separate & lsquo; Child abuse sin & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Beijing municipal people’s congress, Beijing tong lihua, director of the youth legal aid and research centre of told reporters.

some netizens and the legal profession, added in the criminal law in our country independent & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; , not only to relax standards of child abuse in sin, will caused no casualties but the nature of the poor child abuse to be a crime, but also give a charges, to treat all child abuse the legal regulating of the crime have a targeted, intensify the protection of children.

for: separate set & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; , increasing penalties

according to the national bureau of statistics data show that the children which accounts for about a quarter of the population in our country, urban residents are only children.

tong lihua said, due to the special population structure in our country, many families are six or seven people is one of the children, for children’s health and education attaches great importance to, in this environment, children should be brought to the attention of the whole society, but abuse is being exposed constantly, the number is on the rise.

input such as child abuse in the web search keywords, you will find child abuse. Almost at the same time with ctrip qinzi field exposure, and the beauty of qixia district, nanjing city, jiangsu province Ed a kindergarten teachers beating 3 years old children, cause children several bruises.

in projects senior partner at the law firm of Beijing Yang jie, as our country’s basic law, criminal law is no independent & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; , its protection and the importance of child abuse and to have an effect on the strength of the shock of illegal personnel.

& other; Of children is not social groups, dependence is very strong, there is no ego to protect ability, avoid abuse problem is a matter of children is the most basic survival rights, both parents are looking forward to the future of the country to consider, the law on the protection of minors should be better than the adult, implement & lsquo; Special populations special protection & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Sichuan young senior partner at the law firm, executive deputy director aims to point out when accepting a reporter to interview.

as early as in the criminal law amendment (9), before the term of the tenth and the eleventh National People’s Congress on behalf of the chongqing lawyer association, Mr. Han was put forward, as soon as possible increase in the criminal law & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; , sentencing and punishment to the crime of abuse, insult, intentional injury and stir-up-trouble crime have obvious difference.

in 2015 of the criminal law amendment (9), the abuse of minors into the crime of abuse, but there is still no increase & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; .

conference in March 2016 by the National People’s Congress during the conference, the National People’s Congress, the MDC jilin provincial party committee full-time vice chairman Guo Naishuo again the 12th session of the National People’s Congress four conference suggested that addition & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; .

Guo Naishuo in advice, points out that the existing problems in the legal protection system, such as children from abuse of rights legislation form dispersion, lack of systemic; Child abuse reporting system is not perfect; Child abuse investigation and handling system lack; Battered child protection system design is not reasonable, etc. Set up & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; Can be specialized to protect children from illegal, brutal, and regulation of child abuse should be given a heavier punishment.

Yang jie, agreed that separate & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; It is necessary. He said, a lot of in our country is considered to be & other; Joke & throughout; Or & other Do not pay attention to & throughout; The little things, in the United States may constitutes a great sin of child abuse.

& other; Child protection in the United States to do more in place of reason, mainly is for the attention of the child protection, if add & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; , and on this basis, to be perfect for both charges or subsequent processing, will be inclined to protect children. Throughout the &; Yang jie, points out that compared with & other; Abuse & throughout; , & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; Not only clearly defined the criminal behavior, on the sentencing nature is different from & other; Abuse & throughout; Can, starting from the special Angle of child protection, formulate stricter punishment measures.

in the criminal law on add & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; The charges, aims to believe that the function of the largest law is not blow, but a shock, is to make perpetrators realized that violence is not only to bear legal responsibility, and it is a felony.

there are broad and V released the video to eat mustard on the net, after more than a few minutes of severe cough, tears, and the painful experience, the microblogging V truth, only you can truly know feeling of ctrip qinzi field experience what kids, will you be able to know how much this kind of behavior.

& other; This empathy, not simply ascribe the harm of minors in torture, but from the perspective of children, singled out for such behavior, it is not only to children’s attention, especially for the involved personnel to the concept of a criminal. Throughout the &; Yang jie said, should be introduced by modifying the criminal law provisions or judicial interpretation, increase & other; Child abuse sin & throughout; And severe penalty, and at the same time for the definition and concept, will pay more attention to its precision.

against: child abuse has been into the punishment, don’t need another set for

the provisions in article two hundred and sixty of the criminal law in China & other; Abuse & throughout; : the abuse of family members, if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years, criminal detention or public surveillance, causing serious injury, death, the victim shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not more than two years but not more than seven years.

the Chinese criminal law society vice-chairman, China university of political science and law, said professor RuanJiLin for torture, after the scope of criminal law in our country is relatively narrow, the crime of applicable object refers to the abuse, family members are close relatives, parents, shall not apply to the schools and teachers.

in view of this, effective as of November 1, 2015 of the criminal law amendment (9), and added a: after the article two hundred and sixty of the criminal law for minors, the elderly and sick people, and the people responsible for the custody, care for the disabled people abuse custody, care, if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention.

& other; Can be seen from this change, child abuse has been into the punishment, this also eased standards of child abuse in sin, before that child abuse can only according to the protection of minors or law on public security administration punishments for administrative detention, such as the abuse punishment, the nature caused no casualties but the bad or may cause harm to children’s behavior shall be condemned. Throughout the &; RuanJiLin believe that this is the progress of The Times, is also the inevitable trend of the rule of law and social development.

in October 2012, in taiyuan in Shanxi Province of preschool teacher in child abuse, fan children dozens of a slap in the face of female teacher was sentenced to 15 days under the administrative detention.

& other; Ctrip parent-child garden abuse at present, compared with the case decisions, is the difference suspect has been detained by criminal of, rather than administrative detention. Throughout the &; RuanJiLin said.

RuanJiLin explained that there significant differences between the two, the public security organs of criminal detention is in the process of investigation, the active criminals or major suspects taken temporary restrict the personal freedom of compulsory measures, and administrative detention is applicable to general violations. Criminal detention of the purpose is to ensure the smooth progress of criminal proceedings, and administrative detention punishment and education of general parts a way of punishment. Ordinary criminal detention time shall not exceed 14, for escaping commit crime, crime, gang crime shall not exceed the period of validity of major suspects detained 37 days, and the administrative detention period is 15 days.

& other; And after criminal detention, if convicted criminal liability may also be, from these differences we can see that the criminal law amendment (9) is not directly define & lsquo; Child abuse sin & rsquo; Has increased penalties, but at heart. Throughout the &; RuanJiLin pointed out.

& other; In other words, in this case, if teachers eventually convicted suspected of child abuse, they will likely face criminal punishment shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years. Throughout the &; RuanJiLin said, contains abuse of minors in criminal law, there is no need to setting up charges.

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