Who planning commission: influenza virus did not mutate did not produce new resistance

on December 13, children in the hospital for atomization treatment. China news agency reporters wen-hua liu taken

Beijing, January 9 (Reuters), what is the distinguishing feature of incidence in this year? What are the different and in previous years? For the above problems, the national health development planning commission medical hospital authority deputy bureau telephoto fai said, this year’s flu in terms of clinical symptoms and previous flu pathognomonic of nothing special. For now, the virus has not mutate, nor produce new drug resistance.

the national health and family planning commission at a routine conference today, to introduce what is related to the winner Hou Yunde academician of the nation’s highest science and technology prize and deployed 2018 influenza prevention and control work on that.

JiaoYaHui introduction, this year’s flu from clinical symptoms, and the specificity of the previous flu nothing special performance, basic it is high fever, chills, sore muscles, fatigue and other flu symptoms.

however, this year has a different characteristics and normal, is this year in addition to patients with hib infection, also incorporates several subtype of influenza a virus infection, such as influenza a (H3N2, the a (H1N1). Patients with influenza b relatively more, but the symptom is lighter, less number of swine flu patients but may be more serious symptoms.

JiaoYaHui is introduced, and a small number of flu patients is the mixed infection of influenza a and b, there are some very individual cases, more urgent, the patient is sick become severe flu.

JiaoYaHui points out, so, this year’s flu case, everyone felt very obvious, attention is higher, our hospital including pediatrics, diagnosis and treatment of adult this pressure is bigger.

on December 13, children acupuncture needles in the hospital infusion. China news agency reporters wen-hua liu taken

JiaoYaHui pointed out that this year’s flu trends and changes by influenza surveillance results come out, the CDC pay close attention to the virus mutation and resistance, adjust the corresponding prevention and control strategy. For now, the virus has not mutate, nor produce new drug resistance. So, the existing of neuraminidase inhibitors, people familiar with these antiviral drug tamiflu is still valid.

at the same time, deputy director of the China center for disease control and prevention, zi-jian feng said the flu is a respiratory infectious diseases, also contact the spread of the disease, its prevention is not very easy to do. Suggest you wash your hands often, wearing masks, ventilation, etc., which are specific preventive measures.

zi-jian feng said at the same time, relatively nonspecific measures, the vaccine is still the best prevention method. Advice to the public, especially in high-risk groups, like children, the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women should be vaccinated, avoid these people because the flu cause serious illness, and complications.

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