Who planning commission: influenza virus hasn’t change existing disease-resistant poison is still valid

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the CCTV network news: national health and family planning commission on January 9 in xizhimen district 1 layer press hall at a routine conference. National health and family planning commission medical hospital authority deputy bureau telephoto, fai in response to reporters’ questions, said this year’s flu in terms of clinical symptoms and previous influenza pathognomonic nothing special. For now, the virus has not mutate, nor produce new drug resistance. Deputy director of the China center for disease control and prevention zi-jian feng suggested that completes the annual influenza vaccination, make more and more people will be able to get the protection of the vaccine.

JiaoYaHui said that this year’s flu from clinical symptoms, and the specificity of the previous flu nothing special performance, basic it is high fever, chills, sore muscles, fatigue and other flu symptoms. But this year has a different characteristics and normal, is this year in addition to patients with hib infection, also incorporates several subtypes influenza a virus infection, such as influenza a (H3N2, the a (H1N1). Patients with influenza b relatively more, but the symptom is lighter, less number of swine flu patients but may be more serious symptoms. In addition of a small number of flu patients is the mixed infection of influenza a and b, there are some very individual cases, is urgent, the patient is sick become severe flu. So, this year’s flu case, everyone felt very obvious, attention is higher, our hospital including pediatrics, diagnosis and treatment of adult this pressure is bigger.

this situation, our national medical and health system of the medical staff are still efforts to do a good job of prevention and control of influenza, from the national health and family planning commission, on the one hand, we are in November 2017 for pediatric clinic peak, how to do a good job of the height of the pediatric diagnosis and treatment for the deployment, issued notice, put forward the request, and specifically the picturephone meeting for deployment. To overall deployment of pediatric medical resources, take more measures to meet the demand of pediatric diagnosis and treatment, part of the hospital put some trained high qualification of physicians to support this work, there are some retired old experts, pediatrics professor, also began to visit according to need, meet the needs of peak of pediatric diagnosis and treatment. The end of December, 2017, special ready to spring infectious disease prevention and control work conference was held, to prepare winter spring high incidence of diseases such as flu, completes the disease prevention and control, and has carried on the special deployment, and organize the supervision.

the second measures is the CDC influenza surveillance. Flu epidemic trends and changes this year by influenza surveillance results come out, the CDC pay close attention to the virus mutation and resistance, adjust the corresponding prevention and control strategy. For now, the virus has not mutate, nor produce new drug resistance. So, the existing of neuraminidase inhibitors, people familiar with these antiviral drug tamiflu is still valid.

the third measures is the knowledge of health education to the society. The national health and family planning commission’s official website, health China weibo, micro letter, and state the CDC web site, as well as the centre for health education, and many hospitals are printed and distributed to the influenza prevention and control knowledge propaganda and education. Beijing children’s hospital, Beijing ditan hospital, for example, how to perform are printed and distributed to the old man, children, with basic diseases high-risk groups of influenza prevention and control of material science. Through healthy knowledge education, let everybody to increase awareness of self protection. At the same time, also led the reasonable treatment and clinic, choose the clinic medical institutions. Health development planning commission on January 8th, aimed at the characteristics of winter flu in the winter of 2017 to 2017, issued the notice about be influenza prevention and control work in 2018, to the best flu prevention, medical treatment, etc. Put forward specific requirements. Later, who planning commission dedicated video meeting, to do a good job in this year’s flu prevention and control work for further deployment.

zi-jian feng added, the problems of the vaccine influenza is a respiratory infectious diseases, also contact the spread of the disease, its prevention is not very easy to do. We give you advice is to wash their hands, wearing masks, ventilation, etc., which are specific preventive measures. Compared with those of vaccine to prevent protection are not as good as the effect of the vaccine, although influenza vaccine in all of our vaccine preventable infectious diseases among the effect is not like the measles, polio vaccine classic effect is good, to vaccinate every year, but relatively nonspecific measures mentioned above, the vaccine is still the best methods of prevention. So, we suggest the public, especially in high-risk groups, like children, the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women should be vaccinated, avoid these people because the flu cause serious illness, and complications. Influenza vaccine inoculation is not high in China, the annual supply market with about 26 million, but only to more than 2000. And need of vaccination of high-risk, we strongly recommend, recommend people ratio, the number of vaccination or too little. We are constantly called for, it is suggested that completes the annual influenza vaccination, make more and more people will be able to get the protection of the vaccine.

about tetravalent vaccine, China is actively promoting tetravalent vaccine, make flu vaccine contains four ingredients. The world health organization recommends doing so is probably in 2012, the world began to have a tetravalent vaccine used, probably began in 2014, vaccine production research and development institutions in our country are also positive to do research and development. According to understand, to the 2018 season, also is to this autumn, there may be at least one vaccine manufacturers will produce a tetravalent vaccine, there will be other vaccine manufacturers are actively declare for examination and approval of clinical research, more accurate detailed information, you can consult the national food administration of drug safety application and approval process, understand the development of our country for examination and approval can be further understanding.

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