Who will first game addiction on mental illness The western media: is bound to cause controversy

reference news network reported on December 23, western media, says the world health organization (who) for the first time the game addiction as a mental illness listed in the next release of the new international classification of diseases. The current version of the international classification of diseases, “released in 1990.

according to Spanish newspaper el pais web site reported on December 21, around addicting games may cause & other; Game disorder & throughout; Even addiction discussion has been going on for a long time. Who is a solid step in this direction. The game addiction as a mental illness, certainly will will cause considerable controversy in the scientific community.

according to the report, & other; Game disorder & throughout; Is that the characteristics of & other; Continuous or too frequently throughout the &; Playing games has become a kind of behavior patterns. Referred to in this game include online games and video games. Although about & other; Game disorder & throughout; Has not yet been determined, the definition of the who in the next edition of the international classification of diseases a draft text with the obsession with the game behavior of 3 kinds of standards together. Play games in the first is a start-stop time, frequency, intensity, time and situation of lack of control of their actions; The second is to play a game of priority above other important issues and daily activities; The third one is after excessive negative consequences of playing a game, still keep this behavior patterns and even further upgrade.

who’s mental health and substance abuse department, director of the vladimir & middot; Potts Virginia said & other; Health care professionals should be aware that game disorder may cause serious influence to health.

new scientist magazine announced the news in advance. Who has to give proof, saying the international classification of diseases will be released in 2018.

potts Virginia points out, although most of the play the game is the one who is, won’t produce disorders, like most of the one who is, won’t produce alcohol drinking disorder, but in some cases, excessive play games may have negative consequences.

a new version of the international classification of diseases, according to the draft text & other; Game disorder & throughout; After reaching a certain extent, the personal behavior, family relationship, social skills, learning, cognition, performance, and other important aspects have obvious damage. & other; Game disorder & throughout; And related symptoms usually last addicting games at least a year later started to become apparent, has reached the standard should be diagnosed at that time. In the severe symptoms or meet all the conditions for being diagnosed cases, could shorten the time.

according to the report, who began as early as 10 years ago analysis & other; Game disorder & throughout; The harm caused. After experts for many years of research, finally decided to formally put it on the international classification of diseases. (compile/field ce)

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