Why does the baby always hiccups? Hiccups try six methods

Although the baby hiccups are small things, hiccups will always make the baby feel uncomfortable. But many people do not know what causes the baby hiccups, and today we work together to understand.

Why is the baby burping?

1, improper care can cause baby burp

Due to improper care of parents, let the baby catch cold, thus inducing hiccups. If there is usually no other disease, but the baby will suddenly burp, and hiccups powerful and continuous, usually due to the cold caused. This time you can drink hot water to the baby, while keeping in mind the warmth of the chest and abdomen, to cover his warm cotton clothing, winter clothing can be put in a hot water bottle outside the heat, hiccups can sometimes be cured. If your baby has a longer period of hiccups or frequent seizures, you can also soak a small amount of orange peel in boiling water (orange peel has the effect of relieving asthma, dampness and temper) until it is suitable for drinking. Hiccups since.

2, diet abstemy will cause baby burp

Because there is no baby’s diet control, give your baby to eat too much milk, or eat too much cold milk, excessive use of cold drugs, will make the baby’s spleen and stomach function weakened, so that gas on the diaphragm, which led to hiccups. This time, parents can use the method of digestion hysteresis, such as the baby’s gentle massage of the chest and abdomen, let the gas belly down or drink hawthorn water purge (hawthorn acid, digestion and stomach, increase the secretion of digestive enzymes) Smooth gas flow, hiccups naturally stopped.

3, inhalation of air can cause baby burp

If the baby sucked into the air during feeding, or because the size of the nipple hole in the bottle is not appropriate, resulting in air through the nipple gap and into the baby body, or when the baby out of the external flu “cold drink”, which will induce the baby Hiccups.

Because the baby’s stomach is filled with air and the glottis is closed, the air can not be exhausted through the trachea, causing repeated vasoconstriction of the diaphragm (separating the chest and abdominal muscles), so the vocal cords give a hiccup .

So usually the mother feeding posture must be correct, the baby’s warm work should be perfect, so that it will not cause the baby burp.

Stop hiccups small coup

1, after feeding milk, you can hold your baby upright and gently tap the back to help your baby discharge the air from the stomach. Can also gently rub the baby’s abdomen to help exhaust. Or let the baby sit on the bed, pad a not too small pillow, and then put the baby’s hands behind the brain, you can quickly eliminate hiccups.

2, the baby picked up, with one hand’s fingertips in the baby’s mouth or ear gently itch, generally to the baby cries, hiccups will naturally disappear. Because the baby’s ear, the nerve is more sensitive to the mouth, itching can relax the nerve, hiccups also disappeared.

3, when the baby more than when the hiccups, first baby picked up gently pat a few back, fed a few mouthfuls of warm water, or eat a few mouthfuls of milk, you can stop hiccups.

4, with your index finger belly push the baby after the pillow under the hair to the seventh cervical spine bulge, straight push 10 to 20 can immediately stop belch.

5, the baby will be picked up to stimulate the baby soles, crying, abrupt termination of diaphragm contraction.

6, in the baby burp, available toys or soft music to transfer, to attract the baby’s attention, to reduce the frequency of hiccups.