Why Japanese children winter wear little?

a few days ago girlfriends travelled to Japan, after come back has been lamented Japan’s children winter wear well, less snow day also wear shorts short skirt. Look at the children, domestic winter are all bundled up like a little bear, contrast is really not too obvious.

why Japanese kids winter always wear so little? A net friend of studying in Japan, said the Japanese let the child cold, is to exercise the body, of course, it and they perfect heating facilities are inseparable. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

1. Japan heating facilities

there are net friend living in Japan, said Japan is not so cold, like Tokyo, the coldest winter is generally less than zero. And Japan’s central heating is very perfect, also in Tokyo, for example, in the supermarket, library, office and other public places, basic all year round constant temperature, keep 22 degrees or so, even in Japan’s trams have heating facilities. In Japan, therefore, does not actually met the blow a cold wind over outdoors in winter time is too long.

2. Japan’s warm underwear, shorts variety

just wearing shorts short skirt we looked at the children, but in fact, in their uniforms, skirts all kinds of heat preservation effect is very good hair shorts, warm clothes, some children hands will also get a & other; Warm hands treasure & throughout; , plus complete heating facilities, in fact also not too will be frozen.

3. Convenient activity

Japanese experts believe that children & other; Less clothing, outdoor, frequently more exercise & throughout; Children can practice a good body. And less clothing, is also in order to facilitate activities, on the one hand, children wear fewer clothes, will be through the campaign to keep the body warm, it also achieved the purpose of increase activity; And wear less activities provides the convenience for the child, wear too thick not convenient, still can cooler instead. In China, the winter often seen dressed like little bear children hard to run, so also can wear less understanding of role in promoting the revolution.

4. Enhance immunity

a person’s skin to the cold and hot will make a defense reaction, skin properly under cold and hot stimulus can improve the reaction ability. If feel hot, the skin blood vessels will be expanded to blood flow is accelerated, thus distributed temperature; If feel cold, the skin blood vessels will shrink to prevent heat dissipation. When the skin is sensitive to get the stimulation of cold or hot, blood vessels will be constantly repeated contraction and expansion, the downwards, autonomic nerve is very rich, developed and autonomic nervous endocrine will become strong, the body’s immune system is enhanced.

if you always give the child to wear too much, the perception of external temperature changes nerve skin will become dull, autonomic nerve is no longer active, the child’s natural immunity will decline.

China has an old saying: & other; Three points for pediatric Ann, hunger and cold & throughout; . In addition, China also has & other; Throughout the spring cover autumn frost &; Say, so let the child properly & other; Frozen & throughout; It is good. , due to the different national conditions and natural conditions, of course, we do not advocate, like Japan, winter light legs to the child to wear shorts, short skirt, but we also can draw lessons from their method, don’t in the winter, dressed like a big rice dumplings to the child, can’t run jump is not high, can only hide in the room. Less wear a dress to the child, let the children to outdoor activities, more natural can enhance resistance, far away from diseases.

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