Why on earth didn’t suffered from breast cancer, the doctor give me anyway?

the global incidence of breast cancer has been rising since the 1970 s, our country female malignant tumor, breast cancer accounts for the first place. Age in progress, ideas have appeared in the patients with change: from & other; Had cancer is finished, nothing throughout the &; To & other; Take the time to surgical & throughout; . However, some breast cancer patients admitted to hospital after the check, the doctor is not recommended in a hurry, do chemotherapy, why?

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before surgery, chemotherapy, neoadjuvant chemotherapy is called on medicine (neoadjuvant chemotherapy, NAC), initially used for locally advanced breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer, has been extended to the tumor larger (diameter & gt; 3 cm) can be the operation of breast cancer.

the purpose of new adjuvant chemotherapy:

1. Drop period, make originally not surgery for radical surgery of tumors, originally not buy breast tumors to line of radical prostatectomy.

2. The body drug susceptibility: provide valuable in vivo tumor chemotherapy sensitivity information, provide the basis for postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy scheme.

3. Prognosis basis: through breast cancer to neoadjuvant chemotherapy reactivity to predict the long-term survival of breast cancer, breast cancer provides a new effective prognostic indicators.

before neoadjuvant chemotherapy patients limits with a needle biopsy, pathology, suitable for chemotherapy regimens, row 2 times will evaluate tumor after chemotherapy have narrowed, if narrow, prove effective chemotherapy drugs, to continue the program chemotherapy, general to surgery after the fourth course; If after 2 course of chemotherapy effect is not obvious, both tumors shrink and even increase, so to change the chemotherapy or surgery immediately. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy after surgery, some patients postoperative pathology found can’t find the cancer, this is what we call the PCR (pathological complete response), the prognosis of patients with this kind of very good.

so, not a doctor is not willing to, also not doctors take the patient to do experiments, but provides patients with a reasonable treatment, more than a kind of choice.

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