Winter is the high incidence of pneumonia baoma they have special attention!

Cold weather, and now the baby once a cold, we are most afraid of pneumonia they have, and winter is the high incidence of pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a serious lung infection, symptoms and cold like, such as cough, shortness of breath / difficulty, fever, etc., and sometimes more easily overlooked.

There are several people to be especially careful:

First, 0-2-year-old baby. In China, pneumonia is the number one cause of death among children aged 0-2 years. Pneumonia is one of the four major prevention and treatment diseases in our country.

Second, the elderly over the age of 60, especially the frail elderly. Older immune dysfunction, easily violated by bacteria and viruses. The mortality rate of pneumonia in middle-aged and elderly people aged over 50 in our country is as high as 28.6%. The older, the higher the case fatality rate.

How to identify a cold or pneumonia?

Infection site: cold is upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia is lower respiratory tract infection.

Fever situation: If you have a cold when you have a fever, you will gradually ease over two days, seldom for more than 7 days. The most common manifestation of pneumonia is fever with unknown causes. If you have persistent high fever, be on guard.

Cough conditions: Compared to a cold cough, pneumonia patients cough more intense, frequent, and phlegm, and even purulent sputum.

Mental status: most of the children are still cold to eat and play, even if a little fever when fever, fever will quickly recover after the spirit. Pneumonia is different, the state of mind is particularly apathetic, even if fever can not lift the spirit.

In short, if the symptoms of a cold, cold medicine and take a rest after taking a long time did not get better, and even further development of aggravated body temperature continued to retreat, cough, severe purulent sputum, chills and other phenomena, to be alert to the possibility of pneumonia, to Timely to the hospital. The earlier the drug is used, the faster the disease is controlled, the higher the success rate of treatment, and the lower the mortality rate.

How to care for our lungs?

1, flu treatment

Flu may induce viral pneumonia, so the cold must be treated in time, rest, cough worse must seek medical attention.

2, pollution days reduce outdoor activities

Gale, haze and other air turbidity, as little as possible to go out, the haze in the hydride, sulfide, dust, car exhaust, smoke and other factories around the mine is very harmful to the respiratory tract, even if you go out should also wear a mask.

3, vaccination of pneumonia

Needless to say, babies need vaccination. There is also a 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine targeted at people over the age of 60 and people at risk of 2-59. The effective protection rate can reach 85% and the protection period is 5 years. It should also be vaccinated every year influenza vaccine, which is the only effective way to prevent influenza can be, especially in poor health, immune dysfunction, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, belong to high-risk groups, vaccination is necessary.

4, take the initiative to cough Qingfei

Often open the window ventilation, daily morning and evening can choose fresh air at the initiative to cough to remove respiratory and lung harmful substances.