With the first national standards in order to “fine pension”

to avoid the tragedy LuShan nursing home fire, had to rely on pension services & other; National standard & throughout; Time to become & other; Old comfortable throughout the raising &; .

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to avoid such tragedy after LuShan nursing home fire, had to rely on pension services & other; National standard & throughout; Time to become & other; Old comfortable throughout the raising &; .

recently, the state departments issued “service quality basic norms of pension institution” (hereinafter referred to as “specifications”), the provisions of the basic services of pension agency services, service quality management requirements of the basic requirements, etc. Service quality management of the country’s endowment of the first national standard, also marks a national pension agency service quality into a new era of standardized management.

this is a good thing: as & other; Silver throughout society &; Approaching, China’s old-age industry development state of explosive, but in contrast, is a pension services market: a mess service, management confusion, poor hidden trouble. Some nursing homes has become even & other; Abuse & throughout; The old school. Because of this, many old people to stay at a respectful distance from sb, some people still think of & other; Means of pension & throughout; The idea.

a similar case, an important reason is that lack of domestic pension agency service specification, management is rough. LuShan nursing home fire tragedy in 2015, for example, is to expose the local old man live & other; Tin bubble house & throughout; And at night the old man no one care. Daniel in the present, the nursing home elder abuse case, basically there are such problems as lack of care, personnel quality is.

it also shows that China’s social pension is still in the extensive territory. And to make its & other Refinement & throughout; Time to become & other; Old comfortable throughout the raising &; , also have enough careful pension service & other; National standard & throughout; .

and “specification” is the docking requirements: & other; National standard & throughout; Not only lists the endowment institutions need to provide services & ndash; & ndash; ChuRuYuan service, life care services, catering services, cleaning and hygiene services, medical and nursing service, mental/spiritual support services, hospice services, etc., also for each service the main content and basic quality requirements for the specific requirements.

the endowment import & other; Refinement & throughout; Rhythm, need to make those unqualified endowment institutions to be eliminated. The first pension services & other; National standard & throughout; Clear these targets, it helps to prevent some pension agency pit & other; Nearly bed & throughout; Of the elderly, also let the old man and family members can know each other clearly can provide what service, implement what standards and specific service at what levels, when choosing pension institutions less pale. For pension institutions, with the standard, also helps to achieve good drive out bad money.

& other; Fine pension & throughout; , need to clear the endowment content and index, more needs to be implemented. After all, to perfect the standard, also is on paper. To make in the elderly nursing home live with dignity, the most important still is through the strict, let the standard paper into reality.

pension services & other; National standard & throughout; The execution of the civil affairs department is the first person. Civil affairs departments should actively carry out pension agency standardization construction, completes the daily supervision over the quality of pension agency services. Such supervision, also might as well to the public, including what are the specific regulatory action for pension institutions, improper nursing home what are checked and irregularities, and relevant punishment and rectification, these can be made public on a regular basis.

& other; Fine pension & throughout; , want to rely on administrative supervision, but also can’t just rely on administrative regulation. Let the endowment institutions shall be subject to the supervision of the wider social, also is indispensable. Nowadays, in the context of the aging of the population, many of the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly NGO arises at the historic moment, many charities have begin to pay close attention to the elderly rights and interests, the government might as well for these civil organizations to participate in the regulation of pension agency create more convenience. Also, for nursing home is deceives old abuse, as well as a variety of management is not standard, you might as well set up similar to food in the field of medicine and other Whistling system throughout the &; A colossal encourage insider reports, break some black box of nursing management.

at the end of the day, & other; Fine pension & throughout; Want is & other; Fine & throughout; While & other National standard & throughout; The purpose of the pension for the elderly to build higher quality environment, also fit with them. And let the old people can fully enjoy & other; National standard service & throughout; , you need to & other; National standard & throughout; Really implement, also needs the government and society pay more efforts.

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