Without it can increase the traffic accident rate for children. Correct choose and buy is the key

data report according to the ministry of communications, China’s nearly twenty thousand children under the age of 14 die each year from traffic accidents. A large part of the reason for the lack of necessary safety protection measures, especially the use of child safety seats. Abroad have long have legislation for child safety seats. But in our country at present the country has not yet issued national laws, compulsory for children to ride must use a safety seat.

on November 1, in the Shanghai public security bureau traffic police corps and under the guidance of the Shanghai municipal center for disease control and prevention, global child safety organization, gm China issued by the Shanghai child safety seat use situation and the new cognition influence survey pointed out that in the permanent 0 to 6 years old in Shanghai has the family car in the family, 70% of respondents have child safety seat; But the families of the child safety seat, only 33% of respondents are always used.

why child safety seat utilization rate is low? Why do we need to advocate for child safety seats legislation? Really can reduce road traffic injuries after legislation? How do we correct choose and buy child safety seat? DetailPic

child safety seats (for figure/visual China)

child safety seat utilization rate is low, the children are reluctant to use as the first cause.

87% is associated with cognitive deficiency, 69% associated with the safety seat technical problems.

in the Shanghai children safety seat use situation and the new cognition influence survey shows, not to buy three of the major causes of child safety seat is, first of all, parents think child safety seat takes up too much space inside the car (37%). Second, parents don’t realize the importance of child safety seat for child protection (34%). Third, parents say children less chance to go out by car (27%). Don’t always use child safety seats three big main reason is: first, the children would not like to use (89%); Second, the city driving, short distance and the speed slow (47%); Third, inconvenient installation and use (24%).

the world health organization (who) officials fontaine renewed calls for a representative office of road safety project, road traffic injuries can be understand, the prevention and control. & other; We must learn to do a good job in injury prevention, from before the prevention (lower rates), accident prevention (after the incident lowers damage severity), after the accident prevention (get timely treatment by first aid system after injury, reduce sequela) in three aspects. Throughout the &;

advocates for child safety seat legislation, but don’t wait for the legislation.

the health times by the People’s Daily, deputy editor of an-ping zhao pointed out that & other; Road traffic death is unprecedented public health crisis, the crisis is extremely destructive, and society as a whole. Throughout the &; & other; We should advocate the legislation, but don’t wait for the legislation. Throughout the &; The Chinese people’s public security university professor road traffic laws lirui said.

on March 25, 2017, the newly revised “regulations on the administration of road traffic in Shanghai formally implemented. The new traffic rules mandatory: shall not be arranged under 12 years of age minors on the co-pilot seat; Such as driving family passenger vehicle to carry under the age of 4 years old person, should be equipped with and the correct use of child safety seats.

Shanghai residents for new “rules of Shanghai road traffic management” (the new “byelaw”) of cognition, attitude and child safety seat legislation to what are the effects?

the global child safety organization China chief representative Cui Minyan pointed out that 87% of the respondents knew the new ordinance; 89% of respondents support the new ordinance; 86% of the respondents said the new “byelaw” can effectively reduce road traffic injuries in children. 61% of respondents said they have a car but no seats will buy for the implementation of the new “byelaw” child safety seats. For 4 to 8 years old children to use child safety seat attitude, 79% of respondents think should continue to use, 56% of respondents thought should be 4 to 8 years old children use safety seat included in legislation.

road traffic laws of the Chinese people’s public security university professor lirui think: in need to use safe seat is not controversial, we should do is to teach people how to standard, standardize the use of child safety seats. Legislation revision needs 2-3 years, in the process, only let people aware of the child safety seat real policy implementation of the biggest gains, legislation can better promote and implement, can’t rely on the probe, punishment to constrain.

safety seat of choose and buy, should make full use of the senses to identify advantages and disadvantages.

first, identify the product certification mark. when consumer is buying car seats must first pay attention to whether products have CCC mark, can ensure purchased seat safety performance. As far as possible to choose the standard of European ECE R44/04 or ECE R129 (I – Size standard) products.

second, make full use of the senses to identify product quality. : look at the shape, workmanship, material quality, certification labels, warning signs, etc.; If there is a bad smell: pungent smell; Touch: to ensure the comfort, and not too soft, to ensure the protection of the seat support in place, can let children have to sit when necessary, also note that the seat is convenient disassembly cleaning; Try: card buckle quality is very important, it is best to plug bayonet several times, both to ensure that the pin down, and convenient to solve.


what is a child safety seat?

CRS vehicle Child safety seat is also called the Child Restraint System (Child Restraint System), is a specially designed for children (or weight) of different ages, installed in the car, can effectively improve children’s car safety seat. Under the condition of the vehicle collision or sudden deceleration, the impact of the slow on children and restrictions on the body of children move to reduce the damage to them, to ensure the safety of the children by bus. .

winter children wear coats sit seat there will be a deadly?

can increase the risk of injury in a car accident. Please don’t let the child wearing a thick coat in child safety seat when collision occurs, coat quickly compressed volume, become loose and make safety seat buckles, exposing aperture, make your child face huge risk was injured in a car accident. Suggest you can securely fixed in child safety seats in children after the coat cover on him like a blanket.

in this paper, some data source: the consumer council of shenzhen, China as our

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