Xianyang a doctor work 19 hours continuously faint for shock pressure on the operating table


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at 5 PM on February 3rd, shaanxi university of traditional Chinese medicine in the second affiliated hospital thoracic surgery indoor, a massive hemorrhage patients finally stach, basically completed the surgery, surgery, deputy director of the department of hong-tao xie suddenly fainted on the floor & hellip; & hellip;

on February 2, early in the morning, hong-tao xie started preparing into the operating room, to give a patient heart valve surgery. Because of the surgery, in the care unit during the observation, found that patients with poor blood coagulation bleeding, still need a second surgery after processing, hong-tao xie again on the operating table. & other; 9 o ‘clock in the morning to enter operating room, patients after surgery were taken to observe care unit, to more than 1 am for clotting problem, patients with more than 3 points have to be taken to the operating room again. Throughout the &; Hong-tao xie said, & other; For patients with poor clotting mechanism of blood stream down, after surgery, to more than 5 o ‘clock in the morning, blood finally stopped, the operation is almost over, thought a relaxed, suddenly feel uncomfortable, just fainted. Throughout the &;

hong-tao xie fainted, parker, director of the department the finishing touches health continue to perform operations. The anesthesiologist have other doctors under the table at the same time started the rescue work of hong-tao xie. Due to the amount of blood pressure not to come out, colleagues gave his intravenous vasopressors, measure blood pressure value is 90 ㎜ high-pressure Hg, low-voltage 60 ㎜ Hg. Yesterday afternoon, the parker told Chinese reporters, this is the shock pressure. Half an hour later, the patient surgery is completed, through transfusion, oxygen and other processing, hong-tao xie has no big deal. DetailPic

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& other; Earlier we are xianyang independently with cardiac surgery hospital, itself more patients, and many patients want to years ago do surgery, so now is also a year & lsquo; The peak season & rsquo; . Throughout the &; More than 10 years of working with hong-tao xie, “the health & other; Doctors at ordinary times is very professional, every day in recent basic overworked, sometimes 12 PM to leave, sometimes sleep in department doesn’t work. Throughout the &;

although faint in the operating room last weekend, but hong-tao xie did not rest, still fighting in a line. About 5 PM yesterday, the reporter saw hong-tao xie, he just finished a surgery, is care of patients, and another patient waiting for surgery. & other; Also in the observation, to stabilize the patient after front, such as to give a patient. Throughout the &; Hong-tao xie said.

the next day after February 3 fainted, hong-tao xie appeared & other; Black & throughout; Situation, he said, this is the stress ulcer (referring to shock, severe trauma, surgery and systemic infection occurs when acute gastritis, more bleeding symptoms, is an acute gastric mucosa lesion), but he did not ask for leave so, 5, 6, 7, still give patients do surgery, & other; I have nothing now. Throughout the &; Hong-tao xie said with a smile.

& gt; & gt; Dialogue hong-tao xie

never regretted choosing doctor

& other; My father was once a liquan a surgeon at the hospital. Throughout the &; Hong-tao xie said, influenced by his father, he told the doctor this occupation is sentimental. His lover is a doctor, the children are studying medicine.

hong-tao xie told Chinese reporters, although also have regrets the doctor this career choice, such as less time with their children, feel & other; Do not belong to own & throughout; . Often promised to take mother to ramble around and the car came to halfway, or with friends, eat to a half, a phone call, he will have to get back to the hospital at once, but he had never regretted himself to the doctor this career choice.

although, a surgery soon, then do surgery, but in the process of talking to reporters, hong-tao xie always smiling, relaxed. And he said, though there is pressure is very tired, but he enjoy it. He felt the job need more calm, careful, can not influenced by the outside world, rationally for each operation.

hong-tao xie said to the doctor this career, his only hope is to the patient and family to be able to understand each other. Chinese journalists Shi Jiating

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