Xinhua news agency: free room formaldehyde to exceed bid Who is going to protect tenant health?

Beijing December 13 (xinhua) (reporter Wu Maohui Zhang Duo leaves contain yong) just decorate good house, in two or three days is up for rent; Air harmful & other; Basically see health & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; Recently, a large rental platform freely in & other; Formaldehyde exceeds bid & throughout; The wave. Reporters found field visits, netizens report problem is true, one set of rental housing in Beijing there are similar problems. Who’s going to pay for the tenant’s healthy breathing & other; The check & throughout; ? The tenant’s rights and how to get effective guarantee?

free rental housing was revealed & other; Formaldehyde exceeds bid & throughout;

according to the media reported recently, with a lot of rental housing rental platform is suspected of concentration of volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde exceeds bid, after completion of part of the building is decorated in a short period of time is for rent. Many tenants reflected in symptoms such as cough, fever, and a few tenants by hospital diagnosed as & other; Suspected formaldehyde poisoning & throughout; .

some netizens through the channel such as weibo, said a rented freely rented house is faulty, there may be the problem of formaldehyde to exceed bid, and hope to be able to someone for their rights.

Internet & other; Shirleyyyyyyy” Said: & other; I also live for three weeks, as a result, the detection data exceed bid four times yesterday! Solution to find them, they also don’t refund the rent, also said that regardless of what happens over the house, to make money. Throughout the &;

and weibo net friend say, & other; To detect early rent a comfortable house, formaldehyde exceeds bid for several times, had great difficulty in all the rights to a refund. Throughout the &;

a few days ago, with the company through the related media public apology, saying & other Actively face the problems of formaldehyde to exceed bid, not shuffle & throughout; , the measures will be in accordance with the higher standards, improve the living environment, in the first place for tenants to provide green plant charcoal bags, free to change rooms or free hire, provide free hotel accommodation the transition period, and whatever is not return the deposit and rent and service charge.

& other; Placed three days most decorated housing rental & throughout;

12, reporter field visit freely multiple sets of rental housing in Beijing xicheng district, chaoyang district, found the company is listed on rental housing, housing has almost always exist in different level of pungent odor, giddy, and so on and so forth.

reporter first came to the gate with tenants in the street near the walnut orchard a set of rental housing in the south. The suite for three rooms one hall, one of the smallest belongs to the partition room, the room is equipped with a bed, lamp, wardrobe, refrigerator and television, such as furniture, inner walls have been repainted. With sales & other; Butler & throughout; Mr Lee told the reporters, this suite is the first time rental, now, in is decorated, second lie between two of them had to rent out a few days ago. Journalists to follow Mr Li came to not rent the room, the door is opened, a pungent smell. & other; Last night, forgot to open a window ventilated. Throughout the &; Mr Li said.

for the pungent smell in the room, when reporters asked to not affect health, Mr Lee said: & other; To the problem is not big, people who are well are in poor health, may not so good. We’re going to pregnant women, the elderly, children and other special groups accordingly to remind. Throughout the &;

reporter questioned further about the house decorate good after what measures will be taken to ensure the quality of indoor air, Mr Li said that in addition to the vacancy for a period of time, the company does not perform other processing, also won’t test specially. & other; In order to control cost, decorate good place for three days, most general housing and then up for rent. Throughout the &;

Mr Li still take reporters to see the other two apartments near the rue du boeuf, pungent taste obviously not the first, the reason is not the first time the two suites for rent, & other; Tenant just move out in front of more than half a month. Throughout the &;

then, the reporter visited the chariot in the chaoyang district six again near the free 3 sets of rental housing, in addition to the first set of maintained ventilated because it is over, the room smell is not obvious, the other two were obvious smell. Reporter discovery, the two houses in addition to put in the wardrobe in the bedroom a few packet of activated carbon, no other measures to purify air, & other; Butler & throughout; Mr Zhang did not provide any testing report on air quality.

this, Mr Zhang says, the company after decorating an end, will only to building hardware, such as pipes, bathroom, lighting, inspections, as for air quality, not specifically for formaldehyde detection.

reporter to can’t accept the pungent smell in the room, need to consider clearly before you make a decision as to leave. But freely sales staff seems to be the problem don’t worry, they said: & other; Now a lot of people rent, maybe a day or two can be rented out. Throughout the &;

how to safeguard the rights and interests of the tenant’s healthy breathing

it is reported that freely & other; Formaldehyde exceeds bid & throughout; After the incident was exposed, for people to economic compensation. However, in the increasingly popular housing rental market, in the face of similar rights, more and more people can choose only patience.

Shanghai e-house real estate institute of statistics show that at present China has 1. 6.8 billion tenants, 12 of the population. 1%, in the next 10 years, the number of rent will increase to 200 million. At the same time, online rental platform more and more, similar & other; Formaldehyde exceeds bid & throughout; Such as rental housing quality problems, also have been revealed.

reporter noticed that although the provisions of Beijing housing rental management rules for the structure of the leased premises and facilities, shall comply with the construction, fire control, security, health and other aspects of security conditions, shall not endanger the personal safety, but for some intermediary company decorate room air purification treatment and health care, etc., is still in the blank.

legal experts pointed out that as & other; Rent time & throughout; Come, the tenant’s healthy breathing right protection question has become increasingly urgent. Compared to the sale and purchase transactions, house lease test turns out to be more regulatory management wisdom. True safeguard tenant group rights and interests of the large size and dispersion, need to refine and improve the system of form a complete set, the housing rental market in the leasing company to provide air quality detection, ensure air quality good content into the category of legal system, etc.

the relevant person in charge of Beijing municipal industrial and commercial bureau said that if consumers and leasing platform of such dispute, can communicate with the service provider first; If both parties cannot settle, you can call 12315 or through other channels to complaints of relevant enterprises, by the ministry of commerce and industry or other administrative departments involved in mediation; If he does not obey to mediate between the two sides, the consumer to the court.

the director said, at present, the ministry of commerce and industry will provide contract demonstration text in a wide range of industries, some of which are generally for consumers to easily neglected problems. In addition, for similar network building to rent a flat, the regulation of industrial and commercial departments will jointly with the relevant departments in charge of industry, industry association joint action, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

earlier reported:

freely multiple rental formaldehyde detonation table is decorated namely rent

on December 6, jia-jia zhang sitting on the bed, is coughing.

the 20 year old girl from the bag out of the records, open with & other Acute bronchitis & throughout; The page, said softly: & other; The doctor said, my symptoms such as formaldehyde poisoning. Throughout the &;

medical record shows that she is coughing, fever, 4 days with yellow sputum, & other; Double lung auscultation breath sounds rough & throughout; .

the source of cough from her check-in & other; Freely throughout the &; A rental room. After a third party inspection agencies, according to a report by her room formaldehyde and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) higher concentration.

this is not the case. Homicide 37 (WeChat ID: zhonganzu37) visited more freely between rental housing found that some houses suspected formaldehyde exceeds bid, and have just finished soon rent. Stewards have freely, according to some homes just finished loading and then hung on freely platform lease, no time for effective ventilation treatment.

in addition to freely, tongzhou, a short time to decorate and rental intermediary also exist, they are using cheap decorate material, less than a week after the house decorate, & other; Formaldehyde to exceed bid. Throughout the &;

the personage inside course of study says, the mediation to decorate room behind the formaldehyde to exceed bid, in addition to air governance not ready, also has the enterprise cost control considering, or multilayer decorate cost compressed after subcontracting phenomenon.

and, more importantly, for the mediation of decorating room air quality standards are still in the blank. Finally for & other; Bad air & throughout; Pay is & other; Jia-jia zhang & throughout; Boys and girls. DetailPic

bring on November 18, the old park a room, the mediation took journalists, as a reporter in the air quality of detector is close to a table, the formaldehyde detector display index is 0.823, is more than 0.1 ~ 0.3, more than 0.3 is exceeds bid badly. & have spent & have spent & have spent Beijing news reporter road taken

in new house for a few days a headache cough

due to cough for days half a month ago, Beijing anda hospitals jia-jia zhang freely through rented changping district longteng four area a room a bedroom.

20 years old, she is a senior at the university of dalian, in early September this year, her internship in Beijing, and friends live together. In early November, she again near to the west side of a software development company internship.

so former residence from more than 15 km west two flags, jia-jia zhang near the company looking for a room for three days, the final choice of less than 5 km from the company longteng four area.

on November 10, jia-jia zhang when seeing that this is a double room, 3 of 4 on a total of 7 rooms. She considers a room whose window facing south, about 30 square meters, the monthly rent 2000 yuan.

jia-jia zhang recalls, the checking on the same day, the room has a pungent taste, freely asked the housekeeper to learn that the suite as part of the rent for the first time, after just finished decoration.

in the afternoon, jia-jia zhang and freely butler signed a contract that rent a house, and a pair of three, but the other pay one month’s rent as a service charge. She also became the first tenants in the room.

the next afternoon, jia-jia zhang moved into a new home. That night, she felt itchy throat dry tingling. The second day wake up and began to cough.

thought cold jia-jia zhang in the drug store to buy cold medicine to take, until November 15, cough did not improve, more serious instead, from the beginning of his throat dry itchy sting to continuous cough cause chest tightness.

on November 16, wang jia-jia zhang in the next room, 29, who became the suite of a tenant in the end. Check-in, wang recalls, that night, she heard jia-jia zhang is coughing in the night.

& other; In two days before the start of a headache. Throughout the &; Wang Lin said, after a week, and constantly have neighbors reflect room has taste, & other; Everyone is a headache, or a dry throat itching sting. Throughout the &;

on November 17, jia-jia zhang back to the school in dalian. Not better for days cough, she went to the second affiliated hospital of dalian medical university.

jia-jia zhang said, the doctor diagnosed as acute bronchitis. During the treatment, the doctor also told to her, & other; If it is just to move, it is important to note that ventilation & throughout; .

on November 21, slightly better off jia-jia zhang back to the rental housing in Beijing. 22, cough again.

on November 25, jia-jia zhang in Beijing anda hospital diagnosed with & other Upper respiratory tract infection & throughout; And the number of basophils and percentage, the number of platelets and percentage than reference range.

the doctor gave jia-jia zhang box moxifloxacin, 2 box of snake gall dried tangerine or orange peel oral liquid, is used to alleviate.

after you come back from the hospital, jia-jia zhang asked the neighbors, found other neighbors have different degrees of symptoms such as wang, she said, on November 25, a also cried cough neighbour went to the hospital to make the film, found & other; Under the double lung texture enhancement & throughout; .

bring jia-jia zhang (not his real name) provide medical documents. & have spent & have spent & have spent Beijing news reporter road taken

a bedroom to detect the formaldehyde exceeds bid, TVOC

jia-jia zhang, wang doubt, these symptoms may be related to bridal chamber formaldehyde to exceed bid. null

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