Xue-tao cao was elected member of the national academy of medical sciences

on October 16, the National Academy of medical sciences (National Academy of Medicine) announced this year’s list of the newly elected academicians, the Chinese Academy of medical sciences Peking union medical college xue-tao cao was elected foreign academicians. DetailPic

xue-tao cao academician

xue-tao cao academician was born in 1964, bachelor degree graduated from Shanghai second military medical university in 1986 and received the doctorate in 1990, 1992, promotion, a professor at the 2004 second military medical university, vice President, in 2005 China academy of engineering (at the age of 41 years old). Since 2011, the Chinese academy of medical sciences dean, 2015 of Beijing union medical college (formerly Beijing union medical college) principal. Now foreign academician of academy of sciences in German, British foreign academician of academy of medical sciences, the French foreign academician of academy of medical sciences.

xue-tao cao is a foothold in the domestic culture grew up, with international academic influence of immunologists, long engaged in natural immunity to fight infection and inflammation of the transformation and application of basic research, cancer immunotherapy study, with corresponding author SCI papers published more than 240, nearly five years in a Cell, Nature, Science, Nature Immunology published many research papers, such as development of dendritic Cell vaccine clinical trial for patients with advanced tumors completed phase II clinical trial and get the CFDA approval in phase III clinical trials. Once won the ministry of education Yangtze river scholars achievement award (2005), Chinese academy of engineering brilliance chineses engineering award (2012), Chinese academy of sciences, life sciences (2016). His 12 doctoral training for national excellent doctoral thesis, at the first China (2014) and the postgraduate education prize Nature outstanding tutor lifetime achievement award (2015). He founded in 2006 and served as director of state key laboratory of medical immunology national innovation are scrambling for ten team MEDALS this year, as China immunology director, secretary general for 12 years, a former adah region immunology union chairman, chairman of the global alliance for chronic disease prevention and control of academic position, made outstanding contribution to the development of immunology.

it is understood that the United States National Academy of medical sciences (National Academy of Medicine, NAM) is with the United States National Academy of sciences, National Academy of Science, NAS) and the National Academy of Engineering (National Academy of Engineering, NAE) tied for the National academic institutions in the United States, currently has more than 2000, including dozens of Nobel Prize winner academicians.

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