Ying thick DE duck fecal coliform overweight bags JuYi beef clenbuterol detection

sampling coliforms overweight thick DE ying duck deng HeiBang bags

Beijing commercial daily news (reporter Wu Wenzhi Wang Weiyi) in the food consumption and health security become the focus. On November 10, Beijing food and drug administration (hereinafter referred to as & other; Throughout the city food drug administration &;) Website, according to the sampling announcement ying thick DE packaged duck product was detected coliform bacteria, JuYi catering beef clenbuterol was detected.

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announcement, according to city food drug administration organization sampling edible agricultural products, food, meat products, dairy products, vegetable products, tea and related products, sugar, starch and starch products, potato and puffed food 9 class food 314 batches of samples, including 311 batches of qualified samples, unqualified samples 3 batches, qualified rate is about 99%. Among them, the nominal Beijing ying thick DE food co., LTD. Production of Beijing roast duck (bags), unqualified project for coliform bacteria, tested the measured values of 230 MPN/100 g, standard rules for & le; 90 MPN/100 g. In addition, run by Beijing JuYi sheng catering management co., LTD. Angus boutique fat, unqualified project for lake dopamine, tested the measured values of 0.8 & mu; G/kg, standard provisions shall not be detected; Nominal wo sheng Beijing road, cooked meat food co., LTD., operating, unqualified project for clenbuterol hydrochloride, tested the measured values of 1.5 & mu; G/kg, the standard rules for may not be checked out.

related data shows, coliform group is one of the gm food contamination indicator bacteria commonly used at home and abroad. Detected coliform group in food, prompt by pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella, hayes bacteria, pathogenic e. coli) pollution. Fecal coliform levels may be due to the product processing contaminated raw materials, packaging materials, products or by the staff in the process of production, instruments and other production equipment, the environment pollution, or have products sterilization caused by incomplete sterilization process.

in addition, ractopamine is & other; Clenbuterol & throughout; A kind of, have to speed up the growth of livestock and poultry, reduce body fat, increase the use of lean meat. Regular doses of clenbuterol drugs can be a metabolic side by side in the body in vitro, won’t cause harm to the body, but excessive intake of lake of dopamine, the body appear different degrees of toxic reaction.

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