You buy the maotai, wuliangye, is that true? Fakes that was created

the original title: you buy maotai, wuliangye, is that true? Take two minutes and see this…

recently, the legal evening news & middot; Journalists from the masses to report, in the southeast of Beijing three-ring nearby rental for cleaning bottles, and piling up at the gate of the house kraal mountain, red star liquor bottles, such as suspected counterfeiting the dens of wine here.

legal evening news & middot; View news reporter then to investigations found that rental housing is the voice of the collision in the bottle, and a thick wine, there are a lot of white wine VAT.

on January 31, 2018, hidden in the southeast of the third ring road of Beijing to produce false kraal mountain spirit erguotou, false red star dens, was investigated according to law, the public security police and city food drug safety law enforcement officers seized on the spot fake maotai, wuliangye, false kraal mountain spirit erguotou, false red star spirit erguotou, etc. A total of 5000 bottles.

rented accommodation in a large number of washing bottle is challenged with false dens

recently, to the legal evening news reader Mr Liu & middot; View journalists reflect that someone near the southeast of Beijing three-ring rented accommodation in a large number of washing bottle, and the door have piled up a large kraal mountain, red star spirit erguotou wine bottles, such as doubts this is counterfeiting wine production base.

after receiving report reader Mr Liu, reporter from January 15 days to wash bottles, here is located in the chaoyang district ShiBaLiDian region, the rent is located in the southeast of three-ring inside.

rental housing, sits in front of the stacked many sacks, sacks filled with all kinds of spirit erguotou wine bottle, from bottle the sound from a collision in the house, the reader is Mr Liu said the noise of the washing bottle.

reporter through careful observation, found that there are 5 sounding room, because, the room door is closed, cannot be observed in the room.

site map. Taken/legal evening news & middot; View journalists AnFangZu

soon, the reporter found out of the washing bottle room a man and a woman, two people carrying a plastic box, box containing posted kraal mountain spirit erguotou wine bottle green target, reporters follow all the way, found that two people carried the bottle into the west side of an alley, a door.

dens in grand clash bottle Spread out the pungent smell of

this is actually a row houses of east gate. The middle row houses is a channel, the channel is flanked by room, reporters have to rent to enter in the name of the channel, there is a strong smell of alcohol.

at noon on January 15th, a brand of Beijing P· J837 small face down into the alley mouth and pulled up to the east gate of row houses, then two men from the room carrying out great white plastic buckets to the car, the white plastic sends out a strong wine, reporters also feel choke nose in seven or eight metres away. Soon, the car is full of, the reporter found the car turn right at the hutong is sailing to the west, after the stop from the 50 meters of the courtyard in front of the row houses, white big plastic bucket is full of wine into the hospital. Then, the reporter also found that car number for Beijing 090 p88 made a van carrying bulk alcohol to another yard.

site map. Taken/legal evening news & middot; View journalists AnFangZu

night of January 19, reporters once again came to the scene, found that row of landlord door south between the first door was ajar, the inside lights on, and the clash of bottles coming from, send out a pungent smell of the at the same time, however. When the reporter tried to close to the door closed, it didn’t sound.

on January 21, reporters once again came to the door of the landlord, while no one into the channel, and every window look carefully on the northern side of the east room, vaguely see big plastic packed with a lot of white in it.

insider disclosed counterfeiting a dragon Fakes double profits earned

living near Mr Ma and the recognition of these manufacture fakes. He told reporters the counterfeiters are countrymen, someone special washing bottle, label, some special liquor, some special sales, formation of these fakes a dragon. Produce fakes, for the most part, are sold through the nearby ocean road market, sold a few familiar customers.

Mr Ma said the counterfeiters had inadvertently revealed to him, a case of false kraal mountain spirit erguotou (12 bottles, luzhou-flavor, 42 & deg) , cost less than 30 yuan, they sell 55 & ndash; 60 yuan, earned $30 per box, but really, kraal mountain spirit erguotou market wholesale prices 135 & ndash; 140 yuan.

then, reporters from the Beijing municipal food and drug administration has carried on the report.

clamp down on fake dens in bulk wine full house

31 January morning, the Beijing municipal food food safety inspectorate and the annular eclipse of the Beijing municipal public security bureau of medicine brigade police united had to make fakes near base. Most of the undercover to confidentiality of action, law enforcement officers.

in order to not let fakes of vehicles, law enforcement officers will be temporarily closed the hutong near the dens. Then, according to the reporter for clues to start a search. In a row of MenLianFang along the street, the law enforcement personnel check is wash the old bottle.

the reporter sees, a lot of just recycled bottles are placed in a large tub of water, and a gas stove heating at the base of the bathtub. When the law enforcement personnel to enter the room, the water in the bathtub is steaming. Brush bottle are introduced according to the site, these are all recycled old bottles, and after soaking in the hot water, again by the trademark will be above the original bottle wash and clean the inside and outside of the old bottle.

site map. Taken/legal evening news & middot; View journalists AnFangZu

reporter discovery, in next to a large plastic box, has good bottle has been filled with cleaning. & other; Are the people behind hired us dry, take a bottle to a quarter. Throughout the &; Clean the bottle said.

reporter noticed that the door is still filled with collect good bottle. Law enforcement officials later in a hutong housing found bearing & other; Prince maotai wine & throughout; , & other Kraal mountain spirit erguotou & throughout; , & other Red star spirit erguotou & throughout; Printed label, JiuPingGai and printed packing. Law enforcement officers also found already installed box, has yet to transport out of the liquor. & other; This is the place where a labeling block, capping machine, sealing all have fire, and there are many packing of liquor is playing well. Throughout the &;

law enforcement officials said. But the deep in the hutong in family homes, law enforcement officers found hundreds of bulk wine barrel without any packing will be more than 20 flat house filled with the whole. In addition to the marked with white plastic buckets on body & other; 25 kg & throughout; The words, the law enforcement personnel didn’t find any information about wine.

wuliangye found at the scene of high-grade wine Canned block automatic

after law enforcement personnel on-site preliminary understanding, the wine is filling the raw material of various brands of wine. Law enforcement officers on the spot that there was a small workshops that makes fakes hidden within the deeper hutong, immediately organize personnel block small workshops. When law enforcement personnel to enter the house, a man who is just filling good & other; Wuliangye & throughout; Anti-counterfeit labels.

after law enforcement personnel on-site questioning, the man said these are just filling out wine, not labeling encapsulation. Reporter noticed that, in order to let the fakes is difficult to identify, man will be authentic & other; Tip of zhuang & throughout; Wine drops in special seal. & other; Sharp taste and zhuang wu liang ye the most like, is to let people buy home after bottle smell of time not to come out. Throughout the &; The man said.

site map. Taken/legal evening news & middot; View journalists AnFangZu

in addition, the law enforcement personnel not only found at the scene with & other Yibin wuliangye brewery throughout the &; Bar code, and wuliangye seal anti-counterfeiting label, color label. And inside the supplies a hidden behind the drapes, law enforcement officers found an area of more than 10 square meters of warehouse. In searching out of the good has been shipped & other Sword & throughout; , & other Maotai & throughout; , & other Wuliangye & throughout; , & other Little confused cents & throughout; , & other The sea of blue & throughout; Such as high-grade wine. In the room next door, law enforcement officers found two sets of quantitative packing equipment. One before repackaging equipment and remove the bottle.

site map. Taken/legal evening news & middot; View journalists AnFangZu

law enforcement officers showed reporters repackaging liquor equipment, as long as the bottle cap is to export, bulk liquor is automatically loaded into the bottle. & other; Without artificial filling, good quantitative 2 minutes to fill a bottle, from filling to block, they can do a good job in less than three minutes. Throughout the &; Law enforcement officials said. At the same time, law enforcement officers also were found at the scene to prevent inspectors intercom equipment. According to the man, general wine will telephone to ocean road market, based on the others to come to pick up the goods. Then, execute the law personnel will be seized by counting all the items. & have spent

seized three counterfeiting dens fakes more than 5000 bottles of

the city food and drug inspection team joint city public security bureau of annular eclipse medicine brigade security team, were seized at the scene of three of these fakes dens, on-site control suspects involved 8 people, investigate already filling brand fakes more than 5000 bottles, cans, gland and other 3 sets of production equipment, as well as the empty bottle packaging materials such as label, involving a value of RMB 216000. At present, the public security organs have been sampling inspection and the case for further investigation.

according to municipal food and drug supervision and law enforcement inspection team food two Wang Yan is introduced: the team leader & other; Recently, the legal evening news reporter reflect to us, they according to the insider information, visit the city southeast of three-ring somewhere, to find a safe havens for suspected wine production and sales. Throughout the &; It is understood that this area is located in the urban-rural fringe, building structure is complex, population, narrow but fork in the road, lane road.

after preliminary MoPai, January 31 in the morning, city food food safety inspection team, city public security bureau of annular eclipse brigade security team, chaoyang food medicines regulatory bureau, chaoyang district public security bureau, dependency and drug regulation, by the local police station and other departments in the territorial police station. Dens layout based on the actual situation, investigate and arrests are divided into four groups. 11 o ‘clock in the morning, four groups of joint law enforcement action at the same time, for three dens and investigate and capture.

at present, the public security organs are to review of eight suspected of illegal workers, other suspects are chasing, random samples had sent inspection authority.

municipal food and drug supervision bureau said it will continue to intensify law enforcement inspection, wine food rectification work, earnestly safeguard food and drug safety during the Spring Festival of 2018. , at the same time, the food and drug supervision bureau warns customer, buy alcohol should be regular department stores, supermarkets, dining out also should choose to have formal qualification certification of restaurant, found that drinking alcohol products suspected of having problems, to retain a good shopping receipts, dial the emergency hotline 12345 complain inform against.

note: alcohol food consumption guide

wine is a social, festive activities such as the indispensable drinks, citizens when alcohol products of choose and buy should pay attention to the following:

1, the choose and buy regular packing, label complete wine products. null

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