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有人说肠道健康决定人的容颜与美丽,也有人说肠道健康与结肠病变密切相关,更有人说能决定寿命的长短… What is real or fake? Legal evening news “health lecture hall” rocket will be invited to the general hospital of doctor of vice director of center of anorectal shu-hui Yin, answer one by one to you.

host xuxa (left), director of the shu-hui Yin (right)

this program differs from the past, is to show the scene brought many enthusiastic audience friends, thank bud, is brand which need to provide solid beverage of water-soluble dietary fiber as gifts to support this program, also thanks to Angola provide site support of the people’s livelihood.

show opening shu-hui Yin director will give you correct a serious mistake: constipation is sick! And if not enough attention, the consequence is very serious.

lodge in a variety of toxins absorbed by intestinal repeatedly, through the blood circulation to all parts of the body, cause complexion dull, rough skin, pore outspread, brown spots, acne, fine wrinkles, obesity, lack of power, be agitated, at the same time also can aggravate the elderly heart cerebrovascular disease. For high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, constipation is very dangerous, these patients are often sudden cerebrovascular accident during defecation, coronary heart disease, and even death.

long-term constipation or stubborn sex constipation what harm:

1. Cardio-cerebrovascular disease common cause of death in the elderly;

2. The anus disease incidence: hemorrhoids (long crouching, force row), the most common cause of anal fissure (dry hard support to crack);

3. Intestinal disease incidence rate rise: stubborn sex constipation prone to intestine diverticulosis; A laxative dependents, colon melanosis, the incidence of colon polyps, cancer will increase; Constipation is also common in the elderly, diverticulitis, ischemic colitis diverticulum perforation common cause of hemorrhage;

4. Serious constipation for a long time, cause loss of appetite, malnutrition will thin;

5. Abdominal distension, cause people mood prone to anxiety, depression, in turn, depression and anxiety can make bowel dysfunction, aggravating constipation; Long-term constipation are more or less associated with mental symptoms, even daily bowel movements to be a top priority of patients.

6. Long-term constipation, affect the skin beauty (TCM lung main fur, lung and e. list again, interact with each other).

7. Cause inconvenience, such as stubborn sex constipation rely on enema defecation, travel, travel is very inconvenient.

what kind of people are more likely to suffer from constipation? High incidence of these people?

1. The old man and the long-term bed prone to constipation. Old man: the cause of constipation intestinal power decline with age, second movement to reduce due to waist and leg pain, three thirsty feeling down cause less water, four teeth from falling out of reasons to love to eat pap, melon and fruit class may eat less, five high incidence of high blood pressure, diabetes, side effects, some blood pressure drugs have constipation diabetic nerve damage directly affect intestinal function. Long-term bed such as fracture, the main cause of constipation is unable to activities, old bed is more easily constipation.

2. Followed by women and children. Women generally movement is inferior to men, such as maternal lactation special physiological period are prone to constipation. Children is pure Yang easily lose our constitution, and modern children generally don’t like to drink, do not love to eat food (drink drinks, love to eat meat)

how to judge oneself is constipation?

shu-hui Yin director told everybody, constipation is mainly refers to defecate eduction process is difficult, actually not unobstructed (such as stool stem node), at the same time accompanied by abdominal distension, such as the anus belly uncomfortable feeling. Without these, just two or three rows of a genius, not constipated. (and even some people defecation several times a day, shit, but each bowel movement is very difficult, also belong to the constipation, the less).

shu-hui Yin, director of

what is the cause of constipation?

one, we’ll find reasons from the perspective of diet:

1. Eat too little, such as weight loss, a certain amount of peristalsis of the large intestine is needed to start;

2. Eat a lot of, but dietary fiber content is too little (which go to? Eating, absorb!) , the formation of the manure quantity is little, still not enough to stimulate large intestine movement;

3. Drink less, defecate is dry;

4. Spicy food and hot pot is very common, also easily lead to lose of constipation (intestinal sensitive person, of course, also easy to diarrhea, intestinal disorders).

2 “from the Angle of life habit, we find the reason:

1. Like to stay up late and sleep late in the morning don’t wake up, don’t eat breakfast: people get up at 6 o ‘clock in the morning, the large intestine can produce movement of large, meaning is natural, we call this & other; Vertical reflection & throughout; , after eating breakfast, have the contents in the stomach, large intestine also can produce more mass movement, meaning is natural, this is called & other Gastrocolic reflex & throughout; . The two reflection sensitive man would rank two in the morning, wake up, after breakfast again. Don’t get up in the morning for a long time don’t eat breakfast, the two reflection will disappear. Adjustment of patients with intractable constipation, must improve the habits and customs.

2. Bowel habit is bad. Used mobile phones, newspaper and magazine brought into the bathroom, unable to concentrate, resulting in the bathroom of prolonged, such not only can cause constipation, also easy to induce other anus disease.

for constipation crowd, good eating habits have what standards?

shu-hui Yin, director of the recommended Chinese nutrition society & other; Chinese residents dietary guidelines & throughout; Given the following ten:

1. Food diversity, grain is given priority to, the collocation of thickness; The recommended daily intake grains, 250-400 – g.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables and potato;

3. Every day to eat milk, beans or soy products;

4. Often eat moderate amounts of fish, poultry, eggs, and meat;

5. Reduce the dosage of cooking oil, eat a light less salt diet;

6. The food is not too much, exercise every day, maintaining a healthy weight

7. To the allocation of meals, snacks should be appropriate;

8. Enough water every day, reasonable choice of drinks;

9. Such as drinking should be limited;

10. Eat fresh health food.

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