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now, more and more people are online order, but the network of catering service bring convenience to people at the same time, also exposed some problems. Especially unlicensed unlicensed black workshop network linked to that order platform, can bring the consumer food safety hidden trouble. Recently, Shanghai, a businessman is reflected, the operations of the business license, was the public comments and group a businesses use the Internet. What’s going on?

Meituan, public comment on order platform now & other; Phoney & throughout;

miss wang in the chongqing north road, Shanghai opened a malatang, a month ago, she and other Travel & throughout; Found a company called & other; Remember the brand hot pot take food & throughout; Establishments, and their stores business address and business license.

miss wang: & other; It stole my business qualifications, once out of any food safety, and shall be investigated for responsibility, sure we really pursue to the legal representative. Throughout the &; & have spent

after complaints, the public comments logged off the phoney store soon. But two days later, the shop again quietly, name did not change, the business license also did not change, only address into grahame road 28. Not only that, the use license shop also appeared on the American APP, take-out orders is not little still. But miss wang said complaints for nearly a month, the shop has not. & have spent

using licenses shops have been ordered to stop business operations for rectification

reporters came to the phoney shop is grahame road 28, did not find the shop. After the telephone communication, shops, head of the said actual address in ShouNing road no. 7. When reporters came here, is a virus called shu day food shop. & have spent

at the restaurant, only put on a piece of individual business license, no catering service license. For why on network reservation platform using other people’s business licenses, head don’t want to say more. According to the Shanghai’s food safety regulations, order a meal by a third party platform not only for the record, and also check and review the net food and beverage operator’s license information, the platform management of food sampling inspection. & have spent

at present, the Shanghai huangpu district market supervision bureau has dispatched a joint law enforcement team, the survey found that shu ShouNing road 7 days at the restaurant without a licence, has ordered the store closed. The group and public comments on the APP, and using certification has to remember the brand of hot pot dishes have been offline. & have spent

dining platform not only for a quick profit also need to strengthen regulation

why unlicensed unlicensed restaurants can access to the platform to openly for sale? The main reason is the network order platform for access catering services review control is lax.

according to the personage inside course of study says, the current delivery platform by merchants to make money, a store every single pay 18% of the value-added service charge, each month to pay a few hundred to tens of thousands of service charge. But catering platform not only for a quick profit, but also to strengthen the regulatory measures, only implement corporate responsibility and government regulation, can purify the entire restaurant industry consumption environment

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