“You were born on the same day” fundraising was ordered to stop behind

the original title: one child two date of birth? & other; Born on the same day you & throughout; Donations were ordered to stop behind

fundraiser platform claims raised nearly 2.556 million yuan. But activity, the same children different date of birth, date of birth does not exist, the donor students instead of 366 people, 2130 people, and so on and so forth, cause public doubts. Fundraising activities today by the shenzhen bureau of civil affairs shall be ordered to stop immediately.

bring girl named Dennis, date of birth as February 29, 2009.

366 poor students, representing a year 366 different date; Online giving 1 yuan, can help children born on the same day. Recently, called & other; Born on the same day you & throughout; The donation activity, brush screen in the circle of friends.

activities by Beijing zero db technology co., LTD and shenzhen love on future charitable foundation (hereinafter referred to as love on the future). The Beijing news reporter noticed that the fundraiser, distribution and transmission based on micro letter platform.

enter the micro letter and number & other; Db & raise throughout; & bottom bar appears after the other; Born on the same day you & throughout; Link, click on the jump to the interface of the event, click & at the bottom of the other; Choose birth & throughout; , the interface is born this day be recipients, participants can donate a dollar for the poor students.

one yuan to participate in the low threshold, the recipients of bring was born on the same day & other Affinity & throughout; Once launched, activity. But some participants pointed out that the recipient student information exists many problems.

Beijing news reporter noticed that called & other; O garden & throughout; The girl’s birth date is January 3, 2009, she was born on November 24, identity, appear in another donation information. A boy picture also appear twice in the donor interface, name & other respectively; Small house & throughout; And & other O hao & throughout; , date of birth is December 26, 2007 and May 5.

to bring the same photo donation object name, date of birth is different.

according to the net friend to incomplete statistics, activities, and other similar The same person, two date of birth & throughout; , at least 6; In addition, a girl named Dennis, date of birth as February 29, 2009, the date does not exist.

& other; One person ACTS the role of the two Angle & throughout; , date of birth does not exist, etc., make activity Mired in controversy. 24 night, shenzhen bureau of civil affairs report, survey & other; On the same day birthday & throughout; Network fundraiser, survey results will be released in a timely manner.

366 students participate in 366 recipients

25 afternoon, & other; Born on the same day you & throughout; Activity donation channel has been closed. Activity information display interface, the raised nearly 2.556 million yuan, will be used in yunnan xiong county town of 2130 poor students a year of life.

& other; This is accidentally brush screen, didn’t prepare & throughout; , Taipei, & other; Db & raise throughout; Founder of the king, said 25 activities planned launch, staff to test result, will forward it to friends, & other; Was originally a small range, unexpectedly rapid fermentation & throughout; .

& other; Db & raise throughout; Official micro letter response, in testing & other; Some wrong information and interface is not stable, the development team throughout the emergency coordination optimization &; .

king said the db to raise a total of four people to participate in activities, upload 366 children, each 5 photo, & other; Cut, based on the information of fundraising written document upload & throughout; .

why 2130 recipients? The Beijing news reporter learns from the db raise, all donation activities, both in love on account of the future foundation, by its unified issued directly to the student, recipients issue once every quarter. Funding standard 100 yuan per person, per month for the compulsory education stage, high school, 200 yuan per person, per month.

king, says the activity interface of 366 poor students, if the donated more than 1200 yuan (primary and secondary school year’s tuition), then the rest of the money, will be forwarded to students not boarded the activity page, hence the number of students reached 2130 recipients.

this afternoon, love on the future officer mentioned, on March 10, submit to the shenzhen bureau of civil affairs activities for the record table, and on May 21, submit a new phase of activity for the record table again. & other; In line with the attitude of the responsible for donors, decided to stop the project, with the government to verify the information and perform the implementation, and cooperate with civil affairs departments throughout the survey &; . In addition to some recipients information appear error said to apologize.

bring claims raised nearly 2.556 million yuan, will be used in yunnan xiong county town of 2130 poor students living subsidies in a year.

, the organisers said aid-receiving students for poor family

more than net friend say, through a donation activity interface, transfer information display, and money into love on account of the future foundation. However, there was no activity information on its website.

to this, the foundation said a administrative personnel, because just after the fund-raising activities, specific information hasn’t yet been updated website.

aid-receiving students activities information come from? The Beijing news reporter contact town xiong county civil affairs bureau of yunnan province, a staff responsible for charity docking, said xiong county town and love on future foundation has been cooperation projects, mainly for, save the children, but the activity of students information, is not provided by the county civil affairs bureau.

db raised platform response, by students from & other; Countries by inputting tent card & throughout; The poor family. Student information by regional & other; Mastering & throughout; And & other Pairing cadres & throughout; (responsible for poverty alleviation work of civil servants at all levels), shooting and upload field visits, & other; Baby photos and information, obtained the guardian written authorization & throughout; .

king said the money issue, will be used by support staff to upload progress, and real-time by micro letter pushed to donors. Problems such as issuing process, or a pair of cadres not timely feedback, the money will suspend in the first quarter, and the county department supervises and accountability for poverty alleviation.

shenzhen bureau of civil affairs, the & other; On the same day birthday & throughout; To investigate online fundraising activities. Civil affairs bureau of letters in a staff member told the Beijing news reporter, mainly investigate the fundraiser organizational processes, such as donation to use.

bring activities by db to raise and love on the charitable foundation launched in the future.

no online fundraising platform main body qualifications

it is worth noting that the event raised the receiver love on the future foundation, is causing concern before & other; Throughout the yuan paintings &; Fundraising campaign donation recipients. This activity is to use a dollar to buy paintings with autism and other people as a mobile phone screen saver, projects to raise 15 million yuan money, participants in more than 5.8 million people.

public information, love on the future is in the shenzhen bureau of civil affairs registered public offering foundation. Shenzhen city civil affairs bureau’s website information display, the qualified public donations.

Beijing news reporter noticed that db raise WeChat male number zero db account subject to Beijing science and technology co., LTD. Business data show that the company was founded in 2016 on August 24, scope of business includes planning, consulting, etc., but does not include online fundraising.

according to the regulations of the act of charity, charity organization to carry out public fundraising activities through Internet, & other; Should be unified with the ministry of civil affairs or designated charity information platform release information public donations, and can also in the opening of the portal, in the name of the charity’s official weibo, official micro letter, such as the mobile client network platform to release public donation information throughout the &; .

in other words, through the db account information publishing online fundraising, raise itself does not meet the requirements of the act of charity. Db raise has responded, love foundation is launched in the future.

the ministry of civil affairs of article 11 of “public fundraising platform service management method” regulation, the civil affairs departments at various levels & other; For charity through radio, television, newspaper and Internet service providers and telecom operators provide public fundraising platform release information, to carry out the public donation behavior for the supervision and management. Charity is illegal, the approval of the registration of the civil affairs department shall investigate & throughout; .

according to the shenzhen bureau of civil affairs official weibo bulletin, December 25th morning, investigation interview love on future foundation secretary general, order them to immediately stop & other; On the same day birthday & throughout; Online fundraising activities, and asked to submit their fundraising activities report, and related enterprise cooperation agreement and all published documents, related investigation will continue.

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