Yunnan found new “blue thin mushroom” family members


at meng song powder pleat bacterium, jian-chu xu team fungus team. Kunming plants for figure

Beijing, kunming on October 20 report (reporter Ma Qian) & other; Blue thin mushroom & throughout; At one point, was named the 2016 top ten network language. 20, reporters learned from kunming institute of botany, Chinese academy of sciences, recently, it and found a new family member, it is also the Chinese team was first reported in this beautiful new species found in China.

at Mr Khodorkovsky powder pleat bacterium, pictures from Phil Bendle. Kunming plants for figure

& other; Blue thin mushroom & throughout; In the pictures on the web is a & other; Umbrella is not open, blue in mushroom & throughout; Powder, named Mr Khodorkovsky plait bacteria. Kunming plants jian-chu xu team, PeterE Mortimer (South African) fungi research team of scientific research workers recently published his family powder pleat bacterium species & ndash; & ndash; Meng song powder plait bacteria.

powder pleat bacterium of the genus characteristic, as the name implies, is the gills are pink. & other; Blue thin mushroom & throughout; Are no exception, but their whole body, including stalk is blue, which makes them different from other similar, especially to attract people’s eyes.

at Mr Khodorkovsky powder pleat bacterium, pictures from Steve Axford. Kunming plants for figure

meng song powder plait bacteria have cone to the flat round cap, yellow brown hyphae and 4 to 8 & times; 4 to 6 micron size of the bearing. The scientists through the plant kingdom & other Paternity test & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; The morphology, molecular comparison method to determine the new species belongs to agaricales powder plait of bacteria genera, and Mr Khodorkovsky powder pleat bacterium, namely & other; Blue thin mushroom & throughout; Very close, and they also have another brother & ndash; & ndash; Green powder plait bacteria.

powder pleat bacterium distribution is very wide, from the tropical rain forest, temperate forests to alpine forest even the arctic have their trail. In recent years, as China’s taxonomic study fully developed, and constantly have new powder plait bacteria strains were found in southern China region. These findings, a symbol of the fungal systematics of research methods, to explore wonderful fungus world open a new window, and a new species of edible, medicinal and economic value will also provide endless treasure.

the graph is green powder pleat bacterium, pictures from Ian Dodd. Plants in kunming for figure

the study results for the China’s yunnan province township meng song found blue mushroom species & ndash; & ndash; meng song powder pleat bacterium “title, published in the international mainstream journal” journal of botany in Turkey. The first author of this article is from Sri Lanka Aseni Navoda Ediriweera, currently engaged in mycology in kunming institute of botany research work. The

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