Zhang yi events to the doctor undertaking warning



no one knows, in their ten years effort building of langfang city hospital office before the window and fall, zhang yi thought of something. But after the experience, enough to make the famous orthopaedic surgeons, run by the local hospital dean felt sad and hopeless.

at 11:00 am on 27 January, langfang city hospital dean zhang yi from the office window hanging suicide. Before to extreme measures to end his life, zhang yi on the Internet left a letter in his own “best teacher of a good doctor and the destruction of the family. The letter when it comes to working with real estate developers in langfang city, set up the hospital anci district people’s congress to represent yu-zhong Yang stepped in to hospital management and finance, its involvement in clinical medicine and obstetrics and gynecology hospital work, illegal appropriation of hospital cash. Zhang yi also suspect, before they were masked men WeiOu things to fracture associated with yu-zhong Yang.

on January 28, anci district people’s congress standing committee’s announcement said anci district of the eighth National People’s Congress representative yu-zhong Yang suspected of criminal offenses, shall be suspended its execution National People’s Congress on behalf of the post. On January 31, in the morning yu-zhong Yang to anci district police he. At present, the case is pending further.

with tortuous bizarre events, zhang yi event caused a lot of people attention. In the medical circles, many doctors feel sorry for zhang yi doctor’s entrepreneurial experience.

in recent years, our country gradually let go of the management of private medical treatment, doctors practicing more restrictions, and encourage doctors to do medical and social capital cooperation. But fall to the ground to the reality, many doctors are reluctant to also don’t want to take the pace of the business. To be the problem? Zhang yi, events will be a chance to answer that question?


on February 2nd, anci silver henan road in langfang city in hebei province huai xin building side, langfang city hospital staff here in original zhang yi, chrysanthemum has been cleaned up. This is zhang yi is the langfang city hospital established by the new site, harassed Zhang Yiceng plans to get rid of some forces.

in his letter, after graduated from lanzhou medical college in 1984, zhang yi have been working in langfang region people’s hospital of orthopaedics. Founded in 1993, zhang yi, take the lead in langfang city people’s hospital orthopedic sorting, later renamed the langfang plastic hospital and langfang city orthopaedic hospital; At the end of 2013, will be moved to langfang langfang city orthopaedic hospital corridor bully road no. 97, and personal holding yu-zhong Yang langfang macro litres of real estate companies, hospitals with 13 million cash, $3 million, and 3 million hospital brand valuation account for 60% of the shares.

since then, the development of langfang city orthopaedic hospital into the fast lane, from class hospital in 2016 as a category two general hospital, gradually turned into to a bone in the general hospital, and become the Beijing jishuitan hospital technical support of the hospital.

in this year, zhang yi and the contradiction between the partners to show itself. Zhang yi said in the letter, yu-zhong Yang from the start of the hospital financial and revocation of the finance staff, involvement in clinical medicine and obstetrics and gynecology, virtually disrupt the normal medical order.

according to the daughter of zhang yi Zhang Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) is introduced, and development in 2017, zhang yi partners consent to hire others to manage hospital, zhang yi, even do surgery also should pass yu-zhong Yang and others agree with you. & other; Hospital of female employees are willing to have children in your hospital before, but later on, female employees are afraid to have children in your hospital, is really messed up. Throughout the &;

in the second half of 2017, Zhang Yiji self-raised funds, other friends to find new reconstruction of the hospital. In those days before and after October, langfang city hospital located in huai xin building new basic built. But in that year on October 18, zhang yi, downstairs in the home is located in langfang normal university will be four masked men right leg bone comminuted fracture. Zhang yi, said in the letter was in the hospital after the operation still someone to the new campus harassment threat, some people from the south of the city hospital to misappropriate cash 11 million yuan.

why former partners to foes? Zhang yi in his letter, the police report did not say, the other party concerned yu-zhong Yang is not after the incident. Zhang Xiaoyu argues that, in the early stage of the cooperation, because of the difference between professional ability, medical service and hospital management by zhang yi, only this time the two sides has not significantly intensify contradictions. While in the hospital development into the fast lane, this relationship will change.

the doctor entrepreneurial new problems: from finance to cooperation, will start from

in this case, a medical, especially the preparation and is devoted to private medical business of doctors is the focus of attention, although zhang yi to 60% of the holdings, but in the end still lose control of the hospital, and constantly harassed. There are also some doctors believe that both sides of the disputes is also a doctor working with private capital to do medical model.

at the Chinese academy of social sciences, director of the center for public policy research Zhu Hengpeng believes that zhang yi doctor after work with yu-zhong Yang and other private capital, loss of control of the hospital, do not reflect social capital & other; Bloodthirsty & throughout; Together, the thing itself is only a general hospital property rights and management disputes, such things also exist in other industries. & other; Cannot see the cooperation with social capital because doctors jump off a building, he said health cannot be market-oriented, and social capital can’t cooperation. Throughout the &;

but the case also has a universal rule. Zhu Hengpeng that can zhang yi will be the hospital never inflow of specialized subject hospital is very famous in local general hospital, can’t say no the ability to operate. But as 60% owned by big shareholders, has gradually lost control of the hospital, this reflects the common problems: many entrepreneurs do hospital doctors visits for a long time, they take a scalpel, equity relationship is not good at dealing with the hospital.

in fact, in cooperation with social capital, how to deal with capital, the relationship between partners, is a new challenge for many doctors, may be even harder to than surgery.

everyone is medical doctor group founder hong-tao sun feeling. Since established the first system in the domestic doctors group, hong-tao sun often the problem is to consider various new problems financing, equity, etc. In order to adapt to the identity of the transformation, he is involved in these two years & other; Lenovo star entrepreneurial CEO training & throughout; Courses, hoping to gain progress from the indirect experience of others. But he also admitted that & other; The class is also no way way & throughout; , want to find the right level of capital partners, mutual respect and help too difficult, if processes is not good, may be & other; Please god easily send difficult & throughout; .

the school of public health, Peking University professor Zhou Zijun believe that doctors and the role of social capital can’t simply divided obviously, different types of the effects of social capital to the doctor undertaking will be different. In his view, a private hospital from investment to run, it takes at least 3 ~ 5 years to revenue was flat, there may be profit run well for several years before, this patient presented a great test of social capital.

, by contrast, Zhou Zijun favored private insurance funds involved in civilian battalion hospital business cooperation with the doctor. & other; Large insurance institutions such as capital, generally do not require corresponding returns in a short time. And types of capital investment funds, may need to see the return in three to five years, or increase the business to market, after waiting for the hospital listed out later. Throughout the &;

in the backdrop of the state shall encourage social capital to run medical, there are a number of social capital are established after the hospital. But Zhou Zijun remind, due to the social capital into there may be some quantitative indicators, such as may be required to hospital how much revenue each year, it may produce & other; Collect fees in disorder & throughout; Related issues, such as the need to introduce regulation of civilian battalion hospital management process.

the doctor entrepreneurship environment how to optimize

according to the state development planning commission of statistics, as of the end of October 2017, there are 30000 national hospital, including 12200 public hospitals, private hospitals, 17771, private hospitals accounted for 59% of the total. Not only that, but at the same time of public hospital fell 586, civilian battalion hospital also increased at the end of October 1973 than in 2016.

looks behind the prosperity and development, is the reality of distress. In terms of services, from January to October 2017, 370 million private hospital visits, accounted for only 13.4%, less than twenty percent of the national hospital visits. Compared with a national public hospital diagnosis and treatment has reached 2.4 billion, accounted for as high as 86.6%.

small quantity but services, is an important characteristic of current social capital to run medical. Many entrepreneurs do the doctor of the hospital reflects, civilian battalion hospital set up process is very difficult, after operation management more endurance test and ability. & other; The so-called years static good, because there are a lot of people walked with it for you. Throughout the &; After years of starting their own business, hong-tao sun gradually understand, a good doctor is not necessarily can set up a private hospital, which often comes from the process of the ivory tower to the real society, its complexity is a doctor in public hospitals before relatively closed small unable to anticipate in the environment, also need not to worry about. & other; Such as logistics, defend is don’t have to worry about, because the big placard of public hospitals, some local ruffians bully also expect. Throughout the &;

6 affiliated hospital of zhongshan university, director of the general ward Xie Rushi before two years joined the army doctor venture, now shenzhen bo deja doctors group CEO. Xie Rushi tells a reporter, a doctor in the process of establishing hospital, in addition to face and capital cooperation, communication with business partners, and other new problems, may also have to private health & other The glass door & throughout; To deal with.

in his view, although in recent years many countries policies, encourage social capital investment in health care, but in actual implementation, there are still many policies don’t match: registration, now a lot of places to do a medical institution’s license too much, too multifarious; Investment difficult, really want to deal with foreign investment in health care, the bottleneck of policy or a lot; Land is difficult, now most of the social medical institutions use is commercial land and utilities, this new medical institutions to bring large operating pressure.

& other; Private medical need too much, need capital, need a doctor, platform, medical and so on. Throughout the &; Xie Rushi said, all of these pressures are often the last to the core of private medical & ndash; & ndash; Doctor entrepreneurs, they need to be familiar with both medical skill, forming a personal brand, also need to look for opportunities in the policy direction, also need to doctors in pursuit of perfection and obtained benefit between social capital and balance.

& other; To understand the capital and the doctor’s medical management team, lack of than capital and doctors. Throughout the &; Xie Rushi said.

the China youth daily & middot; Middle online intern reporter wang Lin MoXin nan DouTongHui source: China youth daily (feb 06, 2018, 09 version)

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