Zhaotong of yunnan “ice” at frost school boy modelling, the net friend, good love dearly

these days, yunnan by & other; Snow & throughout; + & other; Frozen & throughout; Call this pattern crit, urban & ndash; & ndash; White and beautiful!

however, when such a picture brush screen circle of friends, not the same feeling in heart… Pictures of it in a not too thick cotton-padded clothes, hair, eyelash, clothes, froze up ice, face is red with cold. He stood straight, no cry, no smile, although the seat the laughter of the students has filled the classroom. DetailPic


small make up for the next, & other; Ice flower boy & quot; Is a new street ludian town turn bake elementary school student of grade three. The day is the first day of the final exam, the little boy go to school on foot as usual. Because it is only 9 degrees below zero, and is down in half an hour, 4.5 km distance from the school, take an hour, he to the classroom after the hair covered with frost. Came into the classroom, the little boy made a funny face, that class classmates laugh. The scene, let many people’s feeling.

the People’s Daily reported: it is reported that the photo is the class teacher on January 8, but around, sent to the principal FuHeng finished, spread to the Internet, the attention of many users. Pay the principal said, out of respect to protect children, children didn’t reveal the name. Living is 4.5 kilometers from the school, at ordinary times is more than an hour to school on foot.

& other; On the morning it is nine degrees below zero, it is the first day of the final exam, the temperature is down in half an hour. After his family from far, so to the classroom, the hair is covered with frost. A lovely children, after the class made a funny face, caused the class students of laughter. Throughout the &; To pay the principal said.

it is known that photo boy in the class there are 17 people, on the morning of the final exam is Chinese, photo boy in language, math is better, is the medium level grades in class. To pay the principal tells a reporter, the school had visited photos of the boy’s family, parents are migrant workers have brothers and sisters for a few people in the home, are left-behind children. & other; Students don’t usually eat breakfast at home, the school will burden children breakfast, usually a loaf of bread or crackers. Throughout the &;

at present, new street, ludian town turn bake classroom primary school class, there is no heating, to pay the principal tells a reporter, the school has been fighting for. In the photos, they say, the little boy as the big eyes of girl, once touched the world.

to children:

child/your young body, how hard/min Ning in snow mountain path/let the rain and snow was blowing in your face, until the hair is carved into the world of rare ice/you come may not be warm classroom/classmates all sprawled laughter/but you didn’t smile, also didn’t cry/is still a face of cute and firm/this picture as well as the big eyes girl/moved world/oh no, at least touched by this white hair old man (the author: mark federation chairman Wang Xiaolin)

and they said, now eat bitter, will light the way forward.

today was zhaotong of yunnan pupil refresh the head wind and frost. No matter good or bad, in this world fair or not, the cruel reality or warm is good, we go through a metamorphosis, the growth of each individual you eat now crying, will light up your forward road.

and they say, children in the countryside, cold winter wear slippers not don’t know, just for the sake of foot not stabbed jab; Summer wear cotton-padded jacket is not not know short and cool and comfortable, just home only a dress so…

we couldn’t help but make such ask: after seeing him, we also take what to complain?

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