Zhejiang 9-year-old boy cancer in isolation cover 95 points also not satisfied with the final examination

mother to record this scene.

& other; Brother, do you know how to melt the ice in the fastest way? Throughout the &; Yesterday afternoon, Xu Yuntao lay in the bed, there is laughter. Next to the bed, a boy is sitting on the same age with him reading a book: & other; Remove the two ice word. Throughout the &; & other; Oh, didn’t faze you. Wait a moment I want to a hard again. Throughout the &; The boy shifted a little cocked his head and continued to think.

this is from quzhou changshan county 9-year-old boy smiles, he does not know what lymphoma means to him. In his concept, & other; Don’t hurt, my disease. Throughout the &; So, in the days that he didn’t hurt, he is a good time. Reading can do good, learning, and even for the exam. On January 20, he in province and protect to prevent infection isolation cover finished one final exam.

had wanted to endure

kingdom was colorectal cancer

xiao yun tao, rattling. While waiting for the mother to take him to the hospital, yuntao stomach has hurt for a week or two. Because sometimes painful, sometimes it didn’t hurt, he think it is good that we can only bear, don’t let my mother take to the hospital.

that day, the mother chunyun got a call from the teacher, said yuntao collywobbles faster fainted at school. She was in a hurry to take their children to go to a doctor. Yuntao thought haven’t finished the homework, also want to endure a day again. Mother forced to pull him to the hospital, as a result, he was diagnosed with intussusception.

this was supposed to be a similar cutting appendix small operation, the results fully made six hours. Doctors found that yuntao suffer from the age of rectal cancer, and it was already late.

home surgery effect is not good, yuntao body also is gone from bad to worse. So the family to hangzhou, yuntao has been admitted to the medical school of zhejiang university affiliated children’s hospital in the intensive care unit.

for more than a month, chunyun lacrimosa, finally wait to yuntao got better. & other; Cancer metastasis quickly, but a temporary control. Adherence to treatment, it is still promising. Throughout the &; The doctor’s words, like a needle cardiotonic, let the dream and her husband with confidence again.

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