Zhengzhou said doctors to donate stem cells to save leukemia patients and treating patients

zhengzhou pediatricians to donate stem cells say relief patients with leukemia and salving patients do not have what is not the same as

17 October morning, hematopoietic stem cell collection and indoor henan province tumor hospital, 643 cases of blood relationship, henan hematopoietic stem cell donor Zheng Lichang donated his & other; Throughout life seed &; .

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Zheng Lichang colleagues to hospital to see his

& other; Save, do not have what is not the same. Throughout the &; As a doctor, he will donate hematopoietic stem cells as an extension of his doctor career.

【 gift 】

got a call from the preliminary match

he routinely donate hematopoietic stem cell

on October 17, more than ten o ‘clock in the morning, hematopoietic stem cell collection and indoor, in henan province tumor hospital Zheng Lichang lie on the bed, instruments & other; Click & throughout; , constantly transportation & other; Throughout life seed &; .

unlike some donor tense mood, Zheng Lichang appear calm, this and his experiences become inseparable, while his wife xiao-xia wang just tighten winning buffered.

on May 6, 2015, in the process of an unpaid blood donation, Zheng Lichang understand and join China hematopoietic stem cell donor registry. After two years later, got a call from the preliminary match, he decided to donate.

& other; Donor hematopoietic stem cells have also asked to donate bone marrow, a start family are all don’t understand. Throughout the &; Zheng Lichang patient explanation, family, xiao-xia wang said with a grain of salt, and other Until today to see the donation process, discovery and blood donation difference is not very big, this just put the heart. Throughout the &;


salving patients and donate stem cells

in Zheng Lichang view all roads lead to Rome

38 Zheng Lichang is dengfeng city yu church hospital, a pediatrician. Every year more than ten years, he insisted on unpaid blood donation, blood donation card a thick pile of accumulated in the home.

& other; Save, do not have what is not the same. Throughout the &; Zheng Lichang smiled and said to the henan business newspaper reporter, in his view, the donor hematopoietic stem cells to save one person, and his salving patients all roads lead to Rome.

& other; I donate hematopoietic stem cells not a personal gain, just want to save the young man’s life, it’s as simple as that. Throughout the &; From a young age by the family atmosphere edification and himself as a doctor’s duty, let him to love and help more clearly defined. Zheng Lichang low-key, near to donate, Red Cross workers leave, for its hospital colleagues know side hidden don’t care about return of the good. Thank you

【 】

from jiangsu patients

the man life peace

Zheng Lichang the donor hematopoietic stem cells, will save a 22-year-old leukemia patients in jiangsu. More than 11 o ‘clock yesterday morning, jiangsu Red Cross workers came to the collection room, at the same time also brought a letter from patients.

the letter, the envelope is addressed to & other; Good people throughout life peace &; Wrote, & other; Thank you for your give me a second life! Although you and I have never met, but you have is my benefactor, I loved ones. Throughout the &; After recovery, patients who wrote in the letter, he will do all it can to repay society, help others, love.

around 12 o ‘clock yesterday morning, Zheng Lichang completed donation, with hope of hematopoietic stem cells are then sent to jiangsu.

henan business newspaper reporter

Cui Wenwen/figure

& have spent

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