Zhong dismissed “influenza b comparable SARS”


legal evening news (reporter Zhang Enjie) in recent China north and south into the flu season, influenza b. And influenza virus positive detection rate is as high as 40%, so there are media interpreted, according to this year’s influenza b comparable to SARS, cross infection transmission speed, and has the virus mixed phenomenon. So, is there really any SARS as severe influenza b? The current influenza b displays what are the characteristics? In this, the legal evening news reporter interviews with the Chinese academy of engineering, famous breathing epidemiology expert on respiratory diseases. He said the two do not comparable, although this year’s influenza b virus have some change, but still encourage vaccination, in order to prevent a new wave of influenza virus in March this year.

B influenza and SARS no comparable

according to the national influenza sentinel hospital inspection, according to the results of the current flu virus positive detection rate is as high as 40%, mainly for type B. According to the Chinese center for disease control testing data confirmed that the country in recent weeks report of outpatient service and emergency treatment of the flu virus is higher than the same period in the past three years.

& other; This year is an important feature of influenza b sick people is more, more than double the same period last year than ever before. Throughout the &; Zhong told reporters that the current major epidemic of influenza b virus has some change. , south of trivalent vaccine production, high incidence of hepatitis b vaccine for is now in the wave of influenza b virus outbreaks. But the duration of a wave of flu will not be too long. Therefore, in his view, be sure to encourage vaccination, in order to prevent a new wave of influenza virus in March this year.

as the SARS virus compared with b, the SARS virus transmission is very strong, case fatality rate is as high as 10%, and accompanied by severe lung disease; And although b also has the spread of the virus, but far from SASA so high fatality rate, there is no obvious symptoms and lungs. In zhong’s view, are not comparable SARS virus and influenza b.

dialogue zhong

should be tetravalent vaccine production as soon as possible

the legal evening news: this year there are a lot of patients, the long duration of flu; has not improved, which is a new features of the flu?

zhong: there is a such characteristics. But the north and the south and there are different and there are a part of the patient’s high fever lasted for 5 to 7 days, the south are the symptoms of flu patients at the same time appear more digestive tract diseases, such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc.; The situation in the north as far as I know, cough time is long, not easy to get better.

the legal evening news: in this case, the presence of a good preventive treatment method?

zhong: influenza viruses are mainly of influenza a virus and hepatitis b virus. There are two kinds of a/h1n1 virus, basic no mutation phenomenon. While the main popular hepatitis b virus some variations. Concrete embodiment of the southern trivalent vaccine production (i.e. two influenza a, a hepatitis b vaccine), the high incidence of hepatitis b vaccine for is now in the wave of influenza b virus outbreak not prevention.

but this bout of flu virus duration should not be too long. So we’re going to encourage vaccination, because in March this year, there will be a wave of flu viruses, so it is more important is to stand in the Angle of the prevention, prevention of a new wave of flu.

the legal evening news: according to media reports, guangzhou flu vaccination rates less than 1%, what do you think of this?

zhong: the vaccination, for influenza b was onset age, in the climax stage of patients, now vaccinated, use is not very big. After vaccine aims to produce antibody, need at least two weeks time to have a role in it. It’s not like tamiflu, directly as drugs used for the treatment of influenza.

so we called on the government to produce A tetravalent vaccine earlier, namely for 2 kinds of influenza A virus (H3N2 and H1N1), two kinds of type B influenza strain (Victoria, yamagata strains). This a tetravalent vaccine prevention will be stronger, broader.

virus variation is the regular

the legal evening news: the influenza virus variation what is the cause?

zhong: the cause of the flu virus can’t explain, this is more than 1000 years to the law of the virus itself, so it’s hard to say. Climate, environment, etc., are the indirect factors, now can only in accordance with the provisions of the world health organization (who) and scientists, in three to four years for a cycle, how to predict the virus will be next year, and to produce corresponding preventive vaccine.

the legal evening news, Beijing has been no snow this winter, does this also became the flu multiple factors?

zhong: climate is has a great influence on the flu. After snow it was colder, increase humidity, dust and other substances to reduce. So the air is fresh, to the spread of influenza virus has inhibitory effect. But on the other hand, because of the cold weather after a snow, so the room will be a lot of crowd, so we must keep the air ventilation flow.

the legal evening news: how to prevent the south in winter and spring season transition, there may be bird flu?

zhong: mainly in H7N9 avian flu season, such as strengthening the supervision of poultry. The government and medical institutions should be deployed as soon as possible, take preventive measures. Including the implementation of cleaning the birdhouse, measures “including disinfection, closed.

article/reporter Zhang Enjie

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