Zou shiming condition preliminary confirmed: bilateral orbital multiple fractures Is very difficult to restore


the reporter learns 26 interview Shanghai changzheng hospital, former Olympic champion, famous boxer zou shiming due to severe eye discomfort emergency hospital, after diagnosis, bilateral orbit with multiple fractures, mild symptom such as cataract, vitreous body turbidity, if want to fully recover normal is very difficult, and may leave sequela.

wei, director of the long march hospital eye sharp told xinhua, zou shiming due to intense pain eyes, blurred vision, eye eyesight emergency admission, open unsustainable at objects to the temporal side up, his left eye hurt especially, and has the feeling of the waves and ghosting affects the symptoms of action, the eye exam, left eye eyesight is 0.1, both eyes can’t last.

& other; Mri and CT imaging examination revealed bilateral orbit with multiple fractures (fresh and dated sex), in the left orbital wall and lower wall fracture, especially the fracture, these parts fracture cause eye muscles incarcerated in seam fractures, affect eye movement, which is lead to its decreased vision and one of the important reasons of double vision, in addition, also found that mild cataract, vitreous opacity, eyeball sag, right eye retina in served as laser closed. Visual electrophysiological examination found that double side nerve lengthen the incubation period, show that depending on the road. These are related to and eye repeated injury. Throughout the &; Sharp wei told reporters.

& other; After admission after improving microcirculation, nutrition muscle vascular drug treatment, the left eye eyesight recovered, but another factors which seriously affect the binocular visual function double vision and fuzzy problem cannot be solved because of eye movement, muscle, for the moment. Throughout the &;

wei, sharp said the next step to further make clear whether in fundus examination in detail, to determine whether muscle surgery or repair of orbital fracture to solve eye movement and diplopia; Optic nerve damage is not very good drugs can solve, rehabilitation need quite a long time, & other; To the problem of muscle, and optic nerve damage to fully recover normal is very difficult, and may leave sequela & throughout; .

king, in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 Olympic Games in London for two times, also won the Asian games and world championship gold medal, after to professional boxing. In November 2016, he and Thailand’s palmer, a full 12 rounds, eventually with points to win, win the WBO welterweight champion of the world (world boxing organization) flies gold belt, implements the boxing career & other; Grand slam & throughout; . In July, 2017, 36, he chose to free defending war, finally defeat the Japanese fighter kimura cheung, lose WBO champion world gold belt.

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